Monday, February 28, 2011


From Maritime New Zealand comes a PR that the MS Steve Irwin has been released from the search for the missing Norwegian yacht SY Berserk. The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) spoke with the vessel at 2100 NZDT on February 27, 2011 and officially ended their involvement in the search. In that communication RCCNZ expressed their "gratitude" for the five (5) days of searching which included 24 hours of air search. Of the five (5) persons on board four (4) were Norwegian and one (1) was British. Two (2) Norwegians were ashore and made their way to a McMurdo Sound Base and are now being flown to Christchurch, New Zealand, itself the scene of a recent devastating earthquake.

So what happens now to the SSCS fleet since the Japanese whaling fleet is nearing Japan after a strange and confusing, at least to NAUTICAL LOG, season. During the season the SSCS fleet appeared to accomplish nothing worthwhile for the second year running. After the Japanese ended their season entirely for their own reasons the MS Gojira and MS Bob Barker went - where? There have really been no definative reports as to their actions and while there have been rumors of crew dissension nothing has been confirmed. Perhaps some enterprising media persons will find and interview crewmembers but that never seems to happen, as is normal in cults.

As to the MS Steve Irwin her actions since the JWF departed have been engaged in a search under the guidance of the RCCNZ and they conducted themselves honourably. This would seem to NAUTICAL LOG an ideal opportunity for them to review their strategy in anti-whaling and anti-tuna fishing operations and their tactics. In turn the Norwegians could remove charges against SSCS for past transgressions in recognition of the efforts to find the SY Berserk. Here at NAUTICAL LOG that is what we shall be doing giving SSCS a fresh start and ourselves a new look.

Therefore it is completely up to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) to set the tone for their future actions and to be judged by it. We have no suggestions about what they might do from now on as they know how to behave and must decide the path they are going to take. However they should be aware and warned that further violence on the High Seas is absolutely unacceptable.

Whatever way they go they have a long passage ahead in the physical voyage, in organisation politics, their strategy and nautical tactics. Intense violent political action is current all through the Middle East and North Africa an area now and for the foreseeable future completely unstable. Action off North Africa in the tuna fishing grounds will be met with intense counter-action. The European Mediterranean countries and the North African countries need the blue tuna fishing industry and will not tolerate interference with the fishing this coming season.

Good Watch.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


With Spring on the horizon in many parts of the country and beautiful boating weather here in South Florida our thoughts turn to - boating! There are many pre-season boating checklists and NAUTICAL LOG is not going to repeat those again, just Google and print the checklists and use them otherwise they are useless to you. During our recent visit to the Miami Boat Show on Miami Beach, FL with Discover Boating we were reminded of several key points that we would like to bring to your attention.

In our previous Post we discussed charts and who and how they are published in the United States. Similarly other countries have excellent Hydrographic Offices such as the UK Hydrographic Office publishing charts of the World as well as their local waters. Nearby both Canada, and Cuba have excellent sets of charts and publications and if going there get the proper clearances in accordance with your vessels Flag State obtain and use local charts. Canada by and large requires Canadian charts in Canadian Waters and if one should have a problem it is better that Canadian charts were in use for navigational plotting.

The really important point is to complete an approved Boating Course, more and more of these are available online and directed for your State being NASBLA/Coast Guard approved. This is a great way for first time boaters to learn and build confidence. NAUTICAL LOG is a great believer in classroom instruction particularly for 'The Rules of the Nautical Road' and of course chartwork plotting. So if there is classroom instruction or someone available to teach you personally most definitely take advantage of it. In the South Florida area (south of Lake Okeechobee) you can contact NAUTICAL LOG via e-mail at put 'INSTRUCTION' in the subject line, we will be pleased to meet with you to set up to teach you both RoR, chartwork and any nautical subject you may wish to cover. But we strongly suggest you complete that online course first of all as that will give you key basic nautical knowledge.

Finally make sure you get Insurance coverage for emergiencies and towing because believe me you will need it !! There are links in our 'Link List' to the 'Yellow Guys' and the 'Red Guys' to find out how that coverage works. Walk around your marinas, spot the Yellow or Red hulled rescue boats, talk to the skippers and make sure you do not go to sea without it. Towing is very costly!!

So to summarize:

1. Take a Boating Course for the basics.

2. Learn Rules of Road.

3. Learn chartwork plotting.

4. Get Towing Insurance.

5. 'Google' and use those checklists.

Good Watch

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Lately there have been intemperate comments from several commenter's on all sides of the issues. As a result the NAUTICAL LOG Assessor has removed their content to indicate that they were not suitable for publication in this Blog. Also the comments should be about the subject matter of the Posts, NAUTICAL LOG while an activist Blog is not a forum for an interchange of opinions between individual commenter's. Indeed petulant remarks received after an Assessor's deletion confirm that the deletion was warranted in the first place.

For the record NAUTICAL LOG does not like whaling in and of itself, we hold the violent anti-whaling tactics of the SSCS in the greatest contempt, and we absolutely abhor racial remarks and terminology. Comments containing any such terminology show only the incredible ignorance of the writer and are now being immediately deleted. If you cannot discuss an issue logically and in an educated manner do not comment on the NAUTICAL LOG Posts because your opinion will not be published.

As to the other actions of the SSCS outside of anti-whaling they have by and large behaved in a more seamanlike manner. They have responded to distress calls of other vessels regardless of the cause of that call or its nature. Currently they are the only vessel with a helicopter available to increase the search range for the crew of SY Berserk with a total flight time of 21 flight hours logged to date. The RNZN was unable to launch an air search, which is disgraceful with an Antarctic patrol vessel, HMNZS Wellington (P55), on duty in the region. NAUTICAL LOG speaks from having experience as an icebreaker Watchofficer (photos above are an Arctic patrol) with a helicopter on board. This current response by SSCS should be recognised by all readers as being in the best tradition of the sea and one should therefore give credit when credit is due. As a very serious critic of SSCS NAUTICAL LOG is also capable of complimenting the good work when it is done, we would suggest that our readers do the same or at least refrain from sending intemperate comments which are not going to be published anyway.

As always the choice is yours - the publishing choice is ours!!

Good Watch.

Friday, February 25, 2011


From the McMurdo Sound Region comes very disturbing and sad news with regard to the SY Berserk. The lone helicopter available for aerial search the Nancy Burnet of the SSCS MS Steve Irwin has found a raft which is most likely from the missing yacht. A report from Paul Watson states, and NAUTICAL LOG quotes in part:

"At 0957 NZT helicopter pilot Chris Aultman spotted an Avon 8-person liferaft in the sea at 76 degrees 40 minutes 43.2 seconds South latitude, 166 degrees 01 minute and 50.7 seconds East longitude".

This position is 45 nautical miles North of the EPIRB distress position and appears consistent with the wind drift and current set. They go on to say that the raft was unoccupied, shore line and sea search turned up nothing further. A grid search has been conducted over the last 24 hours and it would seem the SY Berserk has been lost together with her crew. A full report with conclusions has been sent to RCCNZ as the raft found matches the description of the one reported to be on board the SY Berserk. There are two further reports in 'Maritime New Zealand' to which there is a link in our 'Link List'.

NAUTICAL LOG would like to congratulate the crew of the MS Steve Irwin and the flying skills of Pilot Chris Aultman. Frankly it is a relief and very good to know that when an occasion like this arises the SSCS does respond in the finest tradition of the sea - Bravo Zulu.

Good Watch.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


MS Professor Khromov

Some photos from MS Steve Irwin which give an idea of the conditions in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Remember this vessel is not ice-strengthened or classed for ice navigation. The weight of ice on the decks like this changes the stability of the vessel which could put her in a very dangerous situation and quite quickly. The MS Steve Irwin is making a serious rescue effort in the best traditions of the sea - lets leave it at that. There is an additional vessel assisting in the search MS Professor Khromov of Heritage Expeditions. Heritage Expeditions is based in Christchurch, NZ which has been devastated by a 6.3 earthquake and numerous aftershocks.

Good Watch.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


UPDATE February 23, 2011, 1945 EST. The SSCS MS Steve Irwin has reported to NZRCC the finding of a liferaft empty of people or supplies. It is possible that this may be one of three liferafts lost overboard in the recent heavy weather by HMNZS Wellington (P55). Readers may recall that NAUTICAL LOG remarked that three raft capsules appeared to of a different make in the starboard side rack forward of the funnel/stack visible in the photo from Dunedin, NZ. There were no numbers or marks on the raft which seems rather strange if it is from a naval vessel, the Royal New Zealand Navy should clarify that as soon as possible. The raft is reported to be black which is also unusual as they are normally have an International Orange canopy. The MS Steve Irwin was able to recover the raft which may well help with its identification. As of yet there is no report of or from the SY Berserk however a helicopter search is underway.

The New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ) is asking vessels to assist in the search for the SY Berserk whose EPIRB was activated. The HMNZS Wellington (P55) responded and the MS Steve Irwin was asked to assist, however there is no word from the ice strengthened MS Bob Barker the other SSCS vessel capable of assisting. Today the EPIRB was not picked up and may have stopped working. The 14 metre steel hulled Norwegian yacht was last heard near Scott Base, Ross Island in McMurdo Sound some 200 miles from the MS Steve Irwin. The weather conditions are not good but the weather is improving with the storm easing somewhat. The MS Steve Irwin is hoping to launch its helicopter to extend the search range should flying conditions improve the pilot Chris Aultman is highly experienced in flying the Antarctic region.

Good Watch.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So has whaling finally ended in The Southern Ocean, NAUTICAL LOG believes that it has. With the Japanese Whaling Fleet now headed northwards home to Japan followed by the Sea Shepherd vessels this strange 2010-2011 season has ended. While we have always been very much against whaling we have always been very much against the nautical thuggery of the SSCS Pirate Group. The NAUTICAL LOG criticism has been strong and at times downright rude to the pirate group as a whole and their cult leader in particular. But even we can admit that the end result of their campaigns has been the cessation of whale hunting, at least for now. Does this mean that the end justifies the means? This you will have to judge for yourselves.

NAUTICAL LOG does not believe it does, these people will always be stained with the mark of violence on the High Seas wherever they go in the future. It will be very difficult for them to obtain seafarers papers and if they already hold them to renew them at the next five (5) year renewal. If they look for work in other vessels as seafarers many owners would not touch them with that famous forty-foot barge pole. Should they find a position they would be just one amongst many regular seafarers, many of whom would want no part of them. When their particulars show up in the crewlist presented at some Port some day, the local Marine Authority may come calling for an in depth interview. Believe me no shipowner needs or wants that hassle, the result will be immediate discharge for that former SSCS crewmember and cooperation with those Authorities in the investigation. Remember regardless of the Flag State of a vessel the Port State has control in its Ports, can therefore detain any crewmember they consider unsuitable and impound their credentials.

During the last several days there have of course been Press Releases from SSCS and articles in various Japanese newspapers. SSCS Paul Watson has summed up his point of view quite neatly in his unique style encouraging and thanking the cult members both afloat and ashore. He his clearly determined to keep his control and find somewhere else to direct his nautical violence.

As to the Japanese their current viewpoint is stated in this quote from The Mainichi Daily News of February 19, 2011:

"From both a medium and long term perspective, Japan should improve its protection of marine resources to a level meeting international standards. Japan has come under mounting criticism from the international community not only over its whaling program but also over tuna fishing. In order to avoid unjustifiable criticism from overseas, Japan should inprove its whole policy on marine resource protection".

In addition the Japanese Fisheries Agency Far Seas Fisheries Division in a phone call with the MS Nisshin Maru agreed that they could not outrun the SSCS vessels. Another Japanese newspaper the Daily Yomiuri summarized five (5) scenarios of the Ministry of Fisheries:

1. Have the whaling fleet escorted by the Japan Coastguard or others.

2. Build new vessels having higher speed.

3. Replace research whaling with commercial whaling.

4. Continue with the current arrangements.

5. End whaling in the Antarctic Ocean.

So for now the season ends and we wait to see what can be done at the diplomatic level during this off season.

Good Watch.

Saturday, February 19, 2011



Thoughts from the Miami Boat Show which NAUTICAL LOG is attending courtesy of Discover Boating. One of the things we picked up was Chart Catalog #1 covering the Atlantic Coast, ours was borrowed and never found its way back home. As the boating season is gradually getting underway for those of you who do not live in South Florida it is time to prepare. There is much to choose from in navigational software and electronic charting systems but who are the people behind the actual cartography. Federal Agencies in nautical charting are four (4) principals with some very important divisions - lets have a look.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the U.S. Department of Commerce is considered the lead agency. It is responsible for conducting research, making predictions, and gathering data about the oceanic and atmospheric components of the environment. NOAA's division National Ocean Service (NOS) is the primary civil agency responsible for the health and safety of our Nation's coastal and oceanic environment. Within NOS the Office of Coast Survey is responsible for producing and maintaining approximately 1000 charts that cover the coastal waters of the United States and its Territories. Its cartographers together with private contractors compile the necessary data and surveys to keep these nautical charts updated.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has as its mission to provide timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security. NGA publishes charts that cover the areas outside the United States. The Notices to Mariners are also published by NGA as is other nautical data.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is responsible for carrying out survey and dredging in federally maintained waterways. Results from the surveys are provided to NOAA for inclusion in NOAA charts. The USACE is authorised to produce maps, as they are termed in inland waterways, charts and publications for the waterways under its jurisdiction. Currently the USACE is working to produce a suite of electronic charts/maps that cover the inland waterways of the U.S.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is responsible for installing and maintaining navigational aids in U.S. coastal waters. Positions and characteristics of aids are furnished to NOAA for presentation on charts. The USCG is also responsible for publishing chart corrections in weekly Local Notice to Mariners (LNM) as well as maintaining the U.S. Light List.


Harbor charts; 1:50,000 and larger.

Coast charts; 1:50,001 to 1:150,000.

General charts; 1:150,001 to 1:600,000.

Sailing charts; 1:600,001 and smaller.

Small-craft charts; 1:80,000 and larger.

Good Watch.

Friday, February 18, 2011


The Big Guy speaks

From The Southern Ocean comes the realisation that the Japanese Whaling Fleet has turned for home and so, as can be seen above, Buddha 'Wats-his-name' speaks to his tame media. Sitting in his special supportive chair in the Radio Room he states the obvious to those who listen. There is a lot more drivel in his communication about how Chile and now France have been involved with SSCS. It would seem he is really straining for something to talk about and keep the fund raising attention focused on the needs of Buddha 'Wats-his-name'. Overall it is another pathetic 'grasping-at-straws' Press Release by someone who has definitely lost his touch. Now he must find somewhere to hide until next year - he will be back do not worry about that; what else is he going to do?
It seems that one thing that was accomplished by Buddha 'Wats-his-name' speaking is that just before noon here in the Eastern Time Zone there was a breathless report by Lori Rothman of FOX Business News with the FOX "Whats Happening Now" co-anchor Jenna Lee. Poor Jenna looked quite lost as if she really had no idea what was being talked about and had never seen a ship before let alone whaling. Lori was breathless with excitement showed some jumbled video put together from several seasons and remarking on incidents that had happened in the 2009-2010 season rather than this 2010-2011 season. Combining this very sloppy video report with the statement that because of the "protesters" the JWF had gone home. Jenna gasped and said that this was a story "to follow up on" - are these persons for real.

Good Watch.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


IS Alvand

IS Kharg

UPDATE: February 18, 2011, the Egyptian Authorities stated today that the two Iranian Warships had withdrawn their application to transit the Suez Canal northbound. They were not part of a 28 ship convoy heading from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea in current transits.
The Suez Canal Authority reported this afternoon that two Iranian warships had requested transit of the Suez Canal from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The two warships are said to be the frigate IS Alvand and the support ship IS Kharg. Requests for transits by warships must be made 48 hours beforehand and they are usually in a lead position in the convoy. For passage through the Suez Canal there is a system of two Southbound (N1 & N2) and one Northbound (S1) convoys and each vessel must make use of the Suez Canal Pilots. The convoys are numbered in accordance to where they are formed so the northbound convoy is numbered S1. Since the Egyptian Military is now ruling Egypt the final permission for transit must be approved by them.

The Suez Canal is an open International Waterway with passage available to any vessel provided their Flag State nation is not at war with Egypt. Pilotage is compulsory, there are two Roads Pilots, two Canal pilots and pilots board at Suez, Port Said and at Ismailia there is a Pilot change before the Bitter Lakes or after BL in the northbound convoy (S1). The Roads Pilot takes the vessel from the seabuoy to the Canal entrance where the Canal Transit Pilot exchanges. On completing Transit the Canal Pilot exchanges with the Roads Pilot who then takes the vessel to the seabuoy. Transit through the Canal takes about 14 hours.

Good Watch.


19th. Century World Whale Chart

It is clear that the last desperate days of the SSCS Pirate Group loom and they are already concerned about what trouble they can continue to make in the nautical world. The latest is that they are offering a 10% discount on their clothing items purchased from the e-shop. What are these people Times Square hustlers or a Conservation Society supposed to be saving whales - something they have not effectively done for a least a couple of seasons.

They also continue to pretend that they working in conjunction with the Government of Chile, who could care less about this group of nautical hustlers some of whom have outstanding warrants against them from Interpol and Canada in the case of Alex Cornelissen. He is in fact the person reported to be contacting the Armada de Chile from the MS Bob Barker. Should these persons enter Chile it is quite possible the Chilean Judicial Police would detain them under those warrants, as they did on behalf of Peru in the case of the Dutch murderer. The SSCS are playing some contrived game of their own which if they push it too far will blow back in their collective faces.

Meanwhile the JWF have turned westwards on reaching the position 64 degrees 4 minutes South latitude, 74 degrees 10 minutes West longitude at a reported speed of 11 knots. It may well be that the JWF is studying and assessing the area for future whale hunts - not good for the whales. Remember they have the ability to organise and execute supply and fuel transfers at sea. This is something that would be very difficult for the SSCS to accomplish which means they have to find refuelling Ports. Should the JWF start whaling in the region between the area of responsibility of New Zealand and that of Chile it would mean the SSCS would be hard put to harass them . The increased fuel consumption would mean that SSCS could only spent a relatively short time on station with the JWF. Of course in all this it presumes the JWF are planning to utilize new whaling areas, actually old ones being reactivated, and the SSCS could then find them. It would further seem these are thoughts for next season and the JWF will be shortly headed home to Japan.

Good Watch.


Now that the Japanese have announced that the Japanese Whaling Fleet will cease operations for this season 2010 - 2011 what will the SSCS do? It seems try to foment trouble where none exists since there is no purpose for their continued existence. However those TV cameras must roll taping mostly absolute rubbish about the cult leader and his motley crews.

The latest is contacting the Government of Chile to report the presence of the JWF. In our Post PIRACY - HOA AND ? we wrote about the capabilities of the Armada de Chile. It would seem from the SSCS PR today that they took that post to heart. Taking it upon themselves they claim to have contacted the Chilean Cancilleria to report the nautical position of themselves and the JWF. Why? NAUTICAL LOG has no idea but it is claimed that in the event that the JWF enters Chile's EEZ they will know about it. Such arrogance is simply beyond belief, does the SSCS seriously think that to know what is going on in their country the Chilean Cancilleria and the Armada de Chile need this pathetic group of nautical misfits to inform them.

At present both groups are south of Chile's EEZ and under the watchful eyes of satillite tracking and maritime patrol overflights. In the above chart courtesy of the Armada de Chile their area of responsibility can be seen.

The logic of these SSCS troublemakers is somewhat of a mystery to NAUTICAL LOG as the JWF having ceased whaling operations and will soon turn northwards for the Islands of Japan. In the meantime they are entitled to sail freely in International Waters and not be harassed by this pathetic band of nautical misfits who have no further purpose in nautical life. SSCS call it a day and just go home before you get into real trouble.

Good Watch.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well not quite but its making a very good start in at least one area - The Southern Ocean. From BBC News Asia-Pacific this morning comes a report of the announcement by Tatsuya Nakaoku of the Japanese Fisheries Agency;

"Putting safety as a priority, the fleet has halted scientific whaling for now. We are currently considering what to do hereafter".

Japans fleet involves 180 people on four ships this year and set a quota to kill whales. Achieving this quota depends on finding the whales and then being able to hunt and kill them. This 2010 - 2011 season has been rather difficult and the number of whales slaughtered appears, thankfully, to be quite low. Relatively few Japanese now eat whale meat but it is available in Japanese food markets. Due to pride of culture Japanese object to what they regard as foreign interference in a cultural tradition.

Maybe it is just coincidence that this decision jibes with the arrival of the RNZN ship HMNZS Wellington (P55) this weekend in the RCCNZ area of responsibility. For several years now NAUTICAL LOG has requested that the RAN and RNZN patrol the whale areas of The Southern Ocean - they did not. It is possible that if this had been done hundreds of whales could have been saved. The whale blood is as much on the hands of The Netherlanders, Australians and New Zealanders as it is on the Japanese. It now remains for Norway and Iceland to cease and desist their sea mammal slaughters in the false name of "tradition".

Good Watch.


From the Gulf of Aden comes news of the British Royal Navy capturing a group of pirates and then releasing them. While on NATO anti-piracy patrol HMS Cumberland (F85) came across a Yemeni fishing boat being used as a mothership by pirates. The fishing boat was boarded and five Yemeni fishermen were discovered being held hostage. The fishermen were released and took over their dhow to return home. The 17 pirates were taken to Somalia to be released there, why? The Rule of Law is that unless the pirates are actually engaged in an act of piracy then they really cannot be prosecuted. There they are disarmed, pirating equipment is destroyed, the small skiffs used in boarding are also destroyed and the fuel is removed. The RN's HMS Cumberland (F85) is operating as part of the Combined Maritime Force which patrols the pirate area of operations.

Good Watch

Monday, February 14, 2011


February and the whales on migration in the Kaiwi Channel pass Makapu'u ('bulging eye' in Hawaiian) Point, Oahu, State of Hawai'i. These were taken on Saturday February 12, 2011 unfortunately no telephoto (makapu'u?) lenses available but it is still nice to see them. Hopefully more in the days ahead this season.
Mahalo and

Good Watch.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Armada de Chile Antarctic vessel

Current pirate area of operations

From BBC News Africa comes a report on one of the latest counter-piracy operations. Surprising to NAUTICAL LOG the Danish Navy has been one of the most active NATO navies against Somalian pirate groups. Together with the Indian Navy they have executed some very effective operations in this overall mission. On reflection though since the Maersk Line is a Danish maritime corporation it is not really surprising at all. Maersk operates the largest container ships in the world and the largest fleet sailing worldwide with many very high value contracts both military and civilian. Denmark is therefore no doubt encouraged to utilise its RDN in effective counter-piracy patrols in the Horn of Africa (HOA). In the report today CMDR. Haumann of HDMS Esbern Snare stated that they had eliminated one of those threats. His warship has captured a suspected pirate mother-ship off Somalia after warning shots had been fired. Sixteen armed pirates, with a weapons cache were seized and two Yemeni hostages freed. The NATO mission said the incident happened on Saturday morning when the warship came across a suspicious vessel with two small skiffs on deck.

Now does that description remind you of anyone? How about those black ships with the RHIBs on deck manned by a cult leader and his motley crews currently sailing in circles in The Southern Ocean between New Zealand and Chile. Would that the Indian Navy and perhaps the Danish Navy patrolled that area on counter-piracy patrols. However next week the New Zealand Navy will have an offshore patrol ship (P55) heading down there. As both the SSCS Pirate Group and the JWF seem to be heading eastwards they will soon be in the area of responsibility of the Armada de Chile. Should the Government of Chile decide that they are not going to allow both groups to continue this whale war nonsense the Armada will be detached to patrol that CRCC area of responsibility. Armada de Chile officers are famous as gracious hosts and one of the few navies to allow civilian guests to sail in active duty warships. However they are some of the best naval officers in the world and expect their orders to be followed without question. If the SSCS Pirate Group and the JWF meet up with one of their patrolling warships it will best to follow those instructions.

The chart above shows the current operating area of pirates, as of yet The Southern Ocean is not included. That could soon change and if it does the attitude to giving solace and succour to pirates by countries such as Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands, their Flag State, could also greatly change.

Good Watch.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Mission confirmed. From New Zealand Dunedin Television Channel 9 comes this report. The offshore patrol ship HMNZS Wellington (P55) is berthed at Harbour Basin Dunedin, South Island, NZ for the weekend. On Monday, February 14, 2011 she will travel southwards to the Ross Sea undergoing ocean trials to test her capabilities. So this would seem to confirm the waterfront gossip of her being detached by the Government of New Zealand to patrol in the Ross Sea an area of responsibility of NZRCC. HMNZS Wellington has a service speed of 22 knots and as a warship is armed with both heavy and light automatic guns. A couple of things NAUTICAL LOG noticed in studying the photos of P55 this morning. In the original photo the naval grey looked dark and the three liferaft capsules in the starboard rack, just forward of the funnel/stack, were also dark grey. However in the video from Channel 9 the vessel looks to be painted a lighter grey overall and the two lower starboard rack capsules are now white of a different make/design to the third top one which seems to match the original photo. Wonder why? It would be interesting to find out why they were changed and not painted grey in the navy way. With a say 2500 nautical mile voyage P55 should arrive in the Ross Sea area in about 5 days. Interestingly this is also when the SSCS Pirate Group MS Steve Irwin is due to arrive in the area she having a much slower service speed.

While the real patrol ship is on passage the pretend self-appointed patrol ships of the SSCS Pirate Group have released more propaganda this morning. Putting the usual dramatic spin and using bombastic terminology according to themselves they are: "escorting ---- at full speed the JWF vessels". What rubbish. From their own photos (see above) with that statement can be seen the wakes of JWF are those of vessels moving quietly and steadily on their chosen course.

The MS Yushin Maru #3 is positioned properly to intercept the MS Bob Barker should she try to close the stern of the MS Nisshin Maru. One can see the adjusting position in each photo as the SSCS closes the JWF the JWF close off the gap very neatly. Should she attempt to steer between these two vessels she would be squeezed into a collision with at least one or perhaps both. As the overtaking vessel in such a case the responsibility to avoid collision, under the Nautical Rules of the Road, is entirely the MS Bob Barker's. More breathless drama awaits no doubt but the difference is that this time the Royal New Zealand Navy will finally be on patrol in the general area.

Good Watch.

Friday, February 11, 2011


On the international waterfront today there is talk that the Government of New Zealand has detached HMNZS Wellington (P55) to patrol the Ross Sea. While this is a normal duty of that naval vessel the timing might appear to some a little unusual. Now NAUTICAL LOG has not been able to confirm this with a second report so it remains waterfront gossip from New Zealand.

However from a documented source, the latest Press Release from the SSCS Pirate Group, comes word that they and the JWF are in the area of 74 degrees 34 minutes South latitude, 149 degrees 9 minutes West longitude. This is about 2500 nautical miles from New Zealand on the southeast side of the Ross Sea in the area of responsibility of the NZRCC. For a mission of the possibly departed HMNZS Wellington (P55) it would be reasonable to think this is where she is headed. Unless of course she has been sent to detain the MS Steve Irwin on the high seas for something that happened at Wellington, NZ during her visit there, this too is a possible assigned mission.

Currently the MS Bob Barker is in conflict with the JWF she is blocking, or attempting too, the stern slipway of the MS Nisshin Maru with the MS Yushin Maru #3 preventing her. She by the way is now described as a "harpoon vessel'" where as before she was a "tracking/security" vessel, here status changes to suit the SSCS current propaganda release. It appears the fouled propeller of that vessel has been cleared and she is again safe to manoeuvre in the event of one of this areas sudden storms. Meanwhile the MS Gojira is supposedly racing around scouting, what NAUTICAL LOG has absolutely no idea and most likely neither has she. Locky MacLean seems confused by his own tactics these days but that is the result of tiredness, a diet of poorly sustaining food, and living in a small cramped vessel at sea - circumstances where a tragedy due to bad decision-making can easily happen.

It is highly likely also that some of these vessels will end up once again in a collision and once again the MS Bob Barker will come off second best, the MS Gojira will be destroyed. Remember the last collision when MS Bob Barker was holed in her starboard side with water pouring in, an absolutely terrified crew, including the Master of that time, all with little idea what to do and everything documented by Whale Wars personnel. Never funny when one is on the receiving end of bad things.

Into this saga of The Southern Sea we await the arrival of HMNZS Wellington (P55) and for her to do - whatever.

Good Watch.


Co-Pilot Andrew Cantle

CAPT. Michael Evans, Deputy Harbour Master Belfast

Yesterday morning, February 10, 2011 at 1000, there was a crash at Cork, Ireland Airport of a Manx2 Airline flight from Belfast, Ireland to Cork. Of the twelve (12) persons aboard the commuter flight six (6) were killed and six (6) survived of which four (4) have serious injuries. The aircraft was making its third attempt to land in heavy fog, NAUTICAL LOG has no knowledge of the Irish Flight Rules or the Cork Airport Rules but this does not seem the way to do things.

Amongst those killed was the Pilot, his Co-Pilot and a cousin, Brendan McAleese, to the husband of the President of Ireland. Co-Pilot Andrew Cantle was a volunteer in the RNLI, the Rescue Service of the coasts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, who had been on 65 rescues in RNLI service. Also on board and killed was CAPT. Michael Evans the Deputy Harbour Master in Belfast, Ireland.

NAUTICAL LOG would like to express to the families of those lost our deepest sympathies and to those injured the hope for a full recovery. To Mr. Cantle's family our sincere thanks for his service in the RNLI to seafarers.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


TOWLINE going Red hull as well?

In the world of American business it is usually thought that competition improves service, with todays economic situation competition is eroding and it is survival of the fittest.
From the Northwest maritime world comes news from the San Juan Islands, in particular Friday Harbor, WA where for those of you who do not know it, the SSCS cult leader 'Wats-his-name' has a home. No this Post is not about him - you do need some relief - it is about a takeover, merger, purchase, whatever, of two local assistance towing companies. The skippers of one used to work for the other and had a falling out, change-of-heart not really any business of NAUTICAL LOG but having lived in a small fishing village we know everybody knows every other body's business. Such news travels and all the way to South Florida the boating world being surprisingly small.
Now it seems in the coming season the operators of TOWLINE, the breakaway company, have joined with the Vessel Assist franchise organisation. This means the breakaway skippers will be back working for Vessel Assist Towline (VAT?) which will be - themselves. Ah! village politics.
In the past NAUTICAL LOG has been critical of the TOWLINE choice of vessels and some of its seamanship but local methods differ and what looks weird in one area works fine in another. The real test in this coming season will be since there is now no competition in Friday Harbor, WA whether the merger will mean better service for the boater which after all is the required end result - or should be. So NAUTICAL LOG will be interested because in the past there have always been glowing reports of each assistance incident - with the new bosses will that be allowed to continue, without competition we wonder.

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ICGS Samar (42)

INS Tir (A86) (Tir means Arrow in Hindi)

INS Tir flight deck with captured pirates

Now this is the way to deal with pirates, how nice it would be to see the SSCS Pirate Group face down on the deck tied in this position.
How did these nautical thugs end up like this? The Indian Navy and Indian Coastguard captured a group of 28 pirates after a failed hijacking last Thursday. Officers said the 28 pirates had surrendered 185 km off Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep Province, Laccadive Sea, India, after warning shots were fired at the group.
The Indian naval vessel INS Tir was sent in response to an hijack attempt on MS Chios a Greek Flag State vessel. The INS Tir was joined by ICGS Samar, there was an exchange of fire between the pirate mother-ship Prantalay which was a Thai fishing vessel in turn captured by these pirates. The 28 pirates, along with 24 Thai fisherman being held as hostages, were all taken to Mumbai, India by the ICGS Samar.
Bravo Zulu to Indian Navy and Indian Coastguard.
Legal clarification of terms:
Piracy is a warlike act committed by private parties that engage in acts of robbery and/or criminal violence at sea.
Privateer was a private warship authorized by a country's government under its Letters of Marque to attack foreign shipping. Only allowed in wartime declared between nations.
The NAUTICAL LOG readers can see, clearly we believe, that the SSCS Pirate Group legally come under "Piracy - criminal violence at sea" without question.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


ICR photo

ICR photo

If this was not so serious it would be funny - it is not. In a report from MS Gojira which the SSCS now calls their scout ship she found the JWF factory ship busy whaling. Actually the MS Nisshin Maru was flensing a whale, which means for those of you not familiar with term, cutting it up to process the carcass. In whaling absolutely nothing is wasted except the whale blood. According to the report the Nisshin Maru seemed to be engaged in flensing operations at the time it was discovered, no proof here mind you just "seemed to be". Work lights were on as the decks were being washed down, the water flushing out of the overside scuppers was red-brown. With black smoke belching from the factory stacks a reasonable conclusion but not proof.

The MS Nisshin Maru was on course southwards towards an area of pack ice knowing that the Gojira could or should not follow her into the ice at the risk of slicing herself open. What to do? Hey why not an Ady Gil 2 that's always fun!! Believe it or not the SSCS reports this stuff themselves NAUTICAL LOG just sits here reads and processes it all in amazement. How can these nautical idiots come up with the same tactics time after time that do not work. Isn't that a sign of insanity when the same task is repeated over and over with the expectation of different results. Ok! so happened then? Well now the MS Gojira stopped in an area of loose ice as the MS Nisshin Maru proceeded to bear down on her. You just told us that the factory ship headed into the ice, so you mean you cut in ahead of her and then stopped - the Ady Gil 2 tactic. Again according to his own report CAPT. Locky MacLean waited until the MS Nisshin Maru was "40 metres away" and fired a red flare to signal the MS Nisshin Maru to alter course which she did and in a seamanlike manner to starboard. This huge ship passed clear just "20 metres" down the side of the SSCS scout ship, not content with this violation of the Nautical Rules of the Road and the misuse of a red signal flare, the MS Gojira then got underway and charged ahead attempting to block the factory ship once more. So it is clear that on the original approach of the MS Nisshin Maru the MS Gojira was fully manoeuvrable and could have got out of tha way, her actions were a deliberate attempt to get rammed - absolutely nautically insane.

The drama goes on apparently with the MS Bob Barker now involved but who really knows the truth of these actions anymore. In the power struggle to take over and head up the SSCS Pirate Group Locky MacLean seems to be trying to show that he is even more daring then 'Wats-his-name' and has not lost his nerve or yet his life and that of his crew thanks to the seamanship of the Master of MS Nisshin Maru. The nautical insanity of the SSCS cult continues - perhaps until death do us part.

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