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There  are two conference coming up in London on the evolution of Man.  These are sponsored by the Royal Marsten School and are titled "Human Evolution Past, Present, and Future - Anthropological, Medical, and Nutritional Considerations".  One is on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis and the second will hold the first conference up for ridicule.  So what is new here - actually not very much.  It is all rather typical of the behaviour of these brilliant scientists in the disciplines of biology, geneticists and paleoanthropology.  Doing some research one of these scientists will develop a theory and do one of several things.  Stick with it come 'hell or high water' regardless of other scientific research, perhaps much more in depth than his own.  Or he may join with other scientists to try and actually find out the truth of the matter.  Or he may spent a lifetime decrying every effort to find that truth constantly ridiculing other researchers and scientists who come up with al…


Now that the acts of terrorism in Boston have been solved - up to a point anyway - the legal arguments have started.  All the talking heads on TV are expounding their opinions on what should be done.  None of them of course are directly involved in the investigation and build their pontificating on "sources" which in the case of one TV Network last week turned out to be entirely wrong.  In fact that error by the Network and its "source" may, from one point of view, have been a contributing factor leading to the death of a police officer and the serious wounding of another.  The language used by these talking heads is "legalese" or the selection of and playing with words based on legal maneuvering to build a case.

In 'My Blog List' we have a link to the website of a local Miami maritime lawyer.  Some readers find his continued, very petty on many occasions, Posts most annoying reporting every negative trivial item from cruise vessels.  We wrote abou…


It seems that the cruise industry is the source of quite a few Posts lately on a variety of maritime and travel Blogs.  The so called "largest cruise line in the world" as it calls itself is actually an amalgamation of cruise lines acquired by Carnival Group by various business tactics.  While each of its 'brands' as they now call passenger ship companies, as in the retail trade, are operated separately under the umbrella of the Carnival Group.  The Carnival Group is headquartered in Doral a suburb of Miami, FL.  Of their various 'brands' the Carnival Cruise Line is the most notorious and has been from the outset.  Exaggerated vessel design with multi-coloured flashing lights, loud music, heavy drinking and other not so legal stimulants in full use on board - the Party Ships as advertised.  During the years there have been complaints lodged by other vessels with the USCG Marine Safety Office about these lights interfering with the visibility of the Carnival v…


NLIN #6 - 2013.

The following M-Notices are now available electronically at

MIN 453 (M+F) Navigation: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) - Availability During Increased Sunspot Activity.

MIN 456 (M) Codes of Practice - Authorisation of Certifying Authorities.

MGN 407 (M+F) Procedure for Testing of Fire Protection for use with Composite and Wooden Constructions.

MGN 467 (M) Maritime Passenger Rights: Role of National Enforcement Body.

If you have any problems call 023 8032 9391for assistance.

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At NAUTICAL LOG as we return to our nautical Posts we were shocked to learn - well it was more surprised as the cruise lines are failing to shock the nautical world anymore.  What did we learn? It was that they will not be building any more ships for cruising.  Oh! they will be building vessels but unfortunately for those who work and travel in them they will NOT be ships.
Perhaps to clarify that statement we should define the parameters of ship and vessel.  In the nautical world they may be described as;

Ship: A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation.
Vessel: A floating entity for use on water.

Taking those definitions into consideration we saw on Tuesday April 16, 2013 the public introduction of the ultimate floating entity, a contraption owned by RCCL cruise line being built in Papenburg, Germany.  There in and of itself is a problem as the shipyard at Papenburg is on a high risk river, the Ems, for the construction and floating out of very large vessels.  Having dra…


As a Jesuit Pope Francis is well capable of multi-tasking.  While busy doing the populism routine in the Vatican and Rome he has also been moving against the deplorable behaviour and corruption in the Vatican Curia, which is the governing body of the Roman Catholic Church.

He has now appointed a group of Cardinals from around the World covering each Continent to address the Pastor Bonus.  The "Pastor Bonus" is the constitution that governs the operation of Vatican Curia the current edition of which is itself a revision from the 1990's.

The group of Cardinals selected are interesting because only one is a member of the present Curia, Giuseppe Bertello, president of the Vatican City State governorate which is in a sense the Mayor of Vatican City.  Of the others, our family being partly Chilean, the Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa a Cardinal-Priest and Cardinal-Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago de Chile is of particular interest.  He is a member of the Fathers of Schön…


While this has a slight nautical connection its interest is mainly to those who are Irish or have visited Ireland.

The death has occurred in Connemara of a Mr. Patrick Lydon known as "Red" in his village and to his friends.  He was only 65 and in a way was a remarkable young man who while actually never leaving Ireland travelled the world as seen in the photo above.  During the 1960's a John Hinde travelled around Ireland taking tourist type photos which he produced in is own factory in Co. Dublin.  Never once in all the years that he did business did he pay any royalties to those he photographed.  Paddy Lydon said he got half-a-crown which is thirty pence in the real Irish currency before this Euro rubbish at that time it was worth about $0.25 in U.S. currency - pretty cheap!!

In the other photo is a child with a model ship gazing down on the harbour in Dunmore East dreaming of going to sea no doubt and becoming a shipmaster.  He did for that child is myself over 70+ ye…


There are two NAUTICAL LOG Posts of interest today, the first is of general maritime interest about Tsunamis.  The Japanese company NYK has developed Tsunami response guidelines for its ships and anyone who would like to participate in their programme.

The guidelines detail how a vessel in port should react to information about an incoming tsunami as regards saving life and minimising vessel and port damage.

Vessel Owners, Managers and Masters should contact NYK for the full details.  We acknowledge an NYK Press Release for the data in this Post.

Good Watch


While many parts of the Nation are still under Winter or not too Springlike weather here in Sunny South Florida our boating season is year round.  Unfortunately the local culture is dominated by a machismo attitude that believes they already know everything. Thus they are not open to learning about boating correctly and taking safe boating courses then putting that knowledge into practice. After all the USCG are there too rescue them instantly when they get into trouble and call on their cell phone.  Then there are local Maritime Lawyers all too willing to file suit if the USCG are not fully successful in their efforts.

This weekend we had two boating incidents both of which resulted in deaths.  The Reports of these incidents indicated that the usual suspects were the root causes namely, diving improperly not following the rules of safe diving, not wearing lifejackets, out in poor weather at night without experience or proper equipment in small open boats in the 20 to 25 feet range and…


NLIN #5 - 2013.

The following M - Notices are now available at   Any problems call 023 8032 9391

MIN 455 (M) Human Element, Leadership and Management Training.

MIN 457 (M) Boatmasters - Licence Regulations: General Exemption.

MSN 1734 Amendment 6 (M+F) Approval of Marine Equipment (EC Notified Bodies)

Good Watch.


NLIN #4 - 2013

The following Notices are available at  If you have problems call 023 8032 9391

MIN 454 (M+F) Relocation of Glasgow Marine Office - Amendment to Phone and Fax Numbers.

MGN 468 (M) Voluntary Towage Endorsement Scheme.

MSN 1735 Amendment 6 (M+F) Type-Approval of Marine Equipment (UK Nominated Bodies)

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