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As hoped there were updates to the NAUTICAL LOG Post "BENDING RULES".

We would direct those interested to the excellent "OLD SALT BLOG"  and read the comment by Doug Nash who is a member of the S.S. John W. Brown crew.  Mr. Nash explains the USCG procedure which is similar to that for non-U.S. registered vessels.  It might be well for their website to reflect this data so that peace of mind is given to those of us who know the hazards of the sea only too well.

How sad that it appears the S.S. El Faro was not so well cared for. 

Good Watch.


Today is the 15th. Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the United States and is now known as Patriot's Day.  One can remember with horror watching the second plane ram into the tower and the resulting fires in both towers leading to their collapse and the destruction of The World Trade Center.  Sadly it is now known warnings were ignored which led to this terrible Islamic Terrorism act.

As part of the remembrance of this dreadful event the S.S. John W. Brown based in Baltimore, MD is due in New York.  This vessel is one of two, the other being the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien based in San Francisco, CA., World War 2 Liberty ships.  Both these vessels have been fully restored, are registered as vessels of the United States Merchant Marine and are manned by USMM volunteer Union crews.

As part of their role as active floating museums they are open for daily visits and tours of the ship.  Also offered for about $145 per adult are "Living History Cruises" which depart in the mornin…