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In April 2016 we decided to republish NAUTICAL LOGand Post on and for special occasions due to issues not or not well covered, in our opinion, in other maritime blogs.  Since the end of 2015 we no longer comment to other blogs. 

Also we will again respond as appropriate to your comments.  Thank you and

Good Watch.

NLIN #8 - 2014

The following M-Notices have been published and are available at 023 8032 9391 if you have any difficulties.

MIN 487 (M+F) Navigation: Safety of Navigation - Counterfeit Nautical Charts and Publications.

MIN 488 (M) Navigation: Safety of Navigation _ Amendments to SOLAS Chapter V and updates to various performance standards.

MIN 489 (M) Navigation: Vessel Traffic Services V103 and Local Port Services Course Dates 2014-2015.

MGN 477 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Seafarers Employment Agreements.

MGN 481 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention)( Crew Accommodation)

MGN 517 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006: Substantially equivalent accommodation standards for Large Commercial Yachts of 3000GT to less than 5000GT.

This will be the final publication of M-Notices from NAUTICAL LOG as we cease publication.

A final "Good Watch".


In the Florida Keys the search continues for a missing boater whose empty sailboat was found drifting near Dixie Shoal.  The person is the holder of a USCG 50 ton license, a pilots license, is an enthusiastic free diver and is a dive master.  It is reported that he was free diving on his own - amazing a person of his apparent experience would do this - so it is possible that this resulted in his going missing.

If unfortunately he is found deceased his will be the 8 death in this area this year.

Good Watch.


So far nothing - there has been no action taken by either the USCG, FWC, or the County Commission of Miami-Dade County, Florida regarding the boating accidents this year. 

Here is a summary:

August 03, 2014 - jet ski crash, result 1 death.

July 04, 2014 - three boat crash, result 4 deaths and injured persons.

May 05, 2014 - assisting grounded boat with its engines running running, result 1 death.

May 26, 2014 - boat crashed into anchored boat, result 1 death.

Total:  7 deaths.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) in 2013 there were 104 boating accidents resulting in 4 deaths and 50 injuries. 

According to the FWC spokesman Jorge Pino boating accidents occur due to personal responsibility, whether it involves alcohol or drug consumption, speed or just carelessness.  This is indeed very true and yet so far nothing has been done by any Authority involved in safe boating.

Good Watch.