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Further to the previous Post a reason for the possible deliberate release of the SS EL FARO VDR is that VDR's come in both floatable and non-floatable designs.  The floatable design can be combined with an EPIRB which would aid to it being found in the event of a ship sinking - which the SS EL FARO did in the hurricane.

Therefore we would suggest that the "Senior Officer" thinking that the VDR was possibly of the floating type deliberately released it so it would float clear and be found after the vessel sank. The action therefore was done with the best of intentions and not part of a coverup

Good Watch


After an absence of 18 months an event has occurred which has led to the decision to publish a Post. Normally one would have made a comment to a popular maritime blog however due to an exchange of comments at the end of 2015 we no longer comment to other Blogs.

As a Maritime Consultant data crosses my desk which leads to consideration of maritime incidents as an independent investigator.  Such was the case with the find yesterday Tuesday April 26, 2016 of the VDR of the SS EL FARO.  The search had been abandoned by the NTSB no doubt much to the relief of the USCG, TOTE the vessels owners and U.S. maritime Unions involved.  Their overall incompetence and the behaviour of the vessel's all American crew and Master in severe weather with in addition the several Polish workers on board for whose lives they were responsible is to say the least questionable.  At the insistence of U.S. Senator Nelson (D) of Florida the search was resumed by the NTSB. 
The persons who contacted me have sugge…