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NLIN #11 - 2013

The following M-NOTICES have been published and are available at or call 023 8032 9391 if there is a problem.

MGN 476 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 MLC: Important Advice for Seafarers signing on ships flying the Flag of State which has not ratified the MLC.

MGN 490 (M) MARITIME LABOUR CONVENTION: Application to small vessels of less than 200GT that are ordinarily engaged in commercial activities.

MGN 491 (M) MARITIME LABOUR CONVENTION: Application to workboats of 200GT to less than 500GT.

MGN 497 (M+F) Dangerous Goods - Including Chemicals and other Materials - Storage and Use on Board Ship.

Good Watch.


Today August 22nd. 2013 is the 91st Anniversary of the murder of Michael Collins on August 22nd. 1922 during Ireland's relatively brief but highly tragic Civil War.

General Michael Collins (The Big Fella) was a somewhat controversial figure in the Irish achievement of freedom from British Rule after 800 years.  He was the first Commander-in-Chief of the Irish Defence Forces.

In a splendid action taken by the men and women of the Irish Defence Forces a memorial has been unveiled at 1200 today at Cathal Brugha Barracks at the location of the above photograph.  This Memorial was proposed, established and funded by the men and women of the Defence Forces stationed at Cathal Brugha Barracks.

In the photograph above General Collins is striding across the parade groundclosely followed by a young piper named Alphonsus Culleton.  With Michael Collins long stride the young Culleton has a hard time playing his pipes and keeping up the pace.  One might also note that General Collins has his revo…


Maritime incidents can and do occur in any part of the World in both coastal waters and oceans.  They can and do involve small craft, large craft, combinations of each, both recreational and professional.

The most prevalent of these incidents are ferry accidents in Asia and of these the ones that involve the largest vessels are Philippine ferries.  There are a large number of these throughout the Nation connecting the various 7,100 of its islands.  They are old, poorly maintained with very little if any enforcement of Philippine Maritime Law and Marine Regulations such as it is.

Now when one of these incidents occurs one has the choice of ignoring it even as the writer and publisher of a nautical blog.  After all what is the point, nothing is going to change in the Philippines Marine World anyway.  Last year NAUTICAL LOG wrote a comment in response to a Post in the Philippine maritime blog Marine CafĂ© Blog.  In an atypical Philippine response to even constructive criticism they decided …


This week NAUTICAL LOG has received "comments" about several of our recent Posts. These "comments" are from a'' and say "this is awesome" or "awesome" about the Post.  Since all comments to NAUTICAL LOG go through a screening process these have been deleted on arrival.  One suspects they could contain a 'trojan horse' or a virus so we would like to advise other maritime Blogs to keep a weather eye open and make sure you do not get a problem.

 The second item comes from England that wonderful country which has gone to the dogs in recent decades.  In the West Midlands the Police arrived at the home of Candice Leadbetter who is three (3) years old.  She was playing in her front garden with friends Isabel (4) and Ellie-Louise (7) in their excitement they trampled on the flowerbeds, her family's flower-beds mind you.  A neighbor it seems seeing this dastardly act reported it to the West Midlands Police. …


NLIN #10 - 2013.

The following M-Notices are now available electronically at any problems call 023 8032 9391

MIN 466 (M) The Government support for Maritime Training Scheme (SMarT) - Additional Guidance.

MIN 467 (M) Amendments to Directive 2006/87/EC Laying Down Technical Requirements for Inland Waterway Vessels.

MGN 487 (M+F) Maritime Labour Convention,2006 _ On-Shore Complaints.

MGN 494 (M+F) Media and Other Organisations using Ships and Fishing Vessels.

MGN 498 (M) Inland Waters Small Passenger Boat Code - Operational Guidance for Towing of Inflatables.

MSN 1848 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 - Survey and Certification of UK Ships.

MSN 1849 (M) Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 - On-Board Complaints Procedure.

Good Watch.