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There  are two conference coming up in London on the evolution of Man.  These are sponsored by the Royal Marsten School and are titled "Human Evolution Past, Present, and Future - Anthropological, Medical, and Nutritional Considerations".  One is on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis and the second will hold the first conference up for ridicule.  So what is new here - actually not very much.  It is all rather typical of the behaviour of these brilliant scientists in the disciplines of biology, geneticists and paleoanthropology.  Doing some research one of these scientists will develop a theory and do one of several things.  Stick with it come 'hell or high water' regardless of other scientific research, perhaps much more in depth than his own.  Or he may join with other scientists to try and actually find out the truth of the matter.  Or he may spent a lifetime decrying every effort to find that truth constantly ridiculing other researchers and scientists who come up with alternative theory's.  If one does even a brief Google ® on the subject one will find scientists who have done all these, more and worse leading even to suicide by their fellow scientists.  Why would anyone seeking knowledge behave in this manner.  To a degree it is their ego, so massive in many of them that it brooks no challenge but coming into play also they are following a pattern developed and followed by the Christian Church, since it came into being some 2000 years ago, to remain in control of the populace.  The Power of the Vatican.

The Christian Church started out with a wide variety of beliefs beginning with the fact that they were all Jews, including Jesus and his Apostles, had already a very powerful set of beliefs and religious ceremonies to follow their Covenant with God.  When the Apostles of Jesus Christ started their travels as missionary's to explain the new path to follow - Christian - they had to explain to their fellow Jews that what they were teaching was the new Jewish path of the Messiah leading to Salvation.  Many Jews of course were horrified, refused to change and stayed with the original Law of the Covenant  so that today we have a powerful and highly intellectual Jewish Religion.

The Apostles fairly quickly realised that if they were to do the work that Jesus had charged them with the non-Jews were a better audience to preach too.  One of the first basic discussions that occurred was when these non-Jewish converts were baptised should they also be circumcised.  The discussion became so intense that divisions took place amongst the Apostles themselves.  Eventually it was decided that since this new Christian Faith was open to all, not just Jews, Jesus who had been baptised by John, had meant for baptism to replace the circumcision and so it ceased to be a requirement for Christians but remained the Law for Jews still following the original Laws.

The next big discussion was what exactly to preach and require Christians to believe.  Finally nearly a century after the departure of Jesus, itself a matter of great discussion to find the truth, the various writings were assembled and stories written down into what became the Christian Bible as distinct from the Hebrew Bible but known in the Christian World as The New Testament and The Old Testament.  This caused the first division in the Christian World which led to the Orthodox Christian Church's under their Eastern Patriarchs and the Roman Christian Church under the Pope.

In the Middle Ages a further division took place which led to the Roman Catholic Church under the Pope and the Protestant Churches under various Religious Leadership.  The Roman Catholic Church developed the Vatican to administer its Church and amongst the departments developed was a Vatican Library.  The Protestant Church not having a central Administration never developed a library on a par with the Vatican Library, many many Universities however throughout European countries developed Libraries which contain vast reference material for research on just about any subject.  Unfortunately the Vatican Library which has, as far as we know, the most reference material to equally or better study any subject wallows in secrecy which limits the knowledge of Man in many areas.  Fearing loss of the Power of the Vatican.

Another great loss to Man was the burning of the Library at Alexandria in Egypt which contained material of which we now have virtually no knowledge except for a tiny portion that has been discovered.  We also in more recent times have the status of secrecy regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls which has had limited publication.

So what does all this mean ?  Well it is becoming clearer with each discovery in the Common Era that there are huge gaps in Mans knowledge of himself.  In addition that knowledge is all too often highly inaccurate.  First we have the restrictions of the dissemination of knowledge with the loss of the Library at Alexandria, the restriction on research at the Vatican Library, and no Protestant Central Library of equal status.  On the more positive side we have the U.S. Library of Congress, various European National Libraries and Protestant Libraries usually at universities.

Putting all this together researchers can obtain an accurate picture of Man's development at certain times in history.  However as new discoveries are made it becomes more clear that the original timeline of Mans development and movements over the Earth is none too accurate and could be virtually complete nonsense.  There are thousands and thousands of years unaccounted for and the current inhabitants of our planet have been here much much longer than originally thought.  In fact it becomes more and more likely that former inhabitants developed at least as sophisticated a lifestyle has exists in the developed countries today.  Those inhabitants were possibly wiped out and life restarted to develop all over again, perhaps this has occurred more than once nobody really knows.  We do not need alien space travellers to explain that surmise - one does not like to use the word theory - there is a mass of evidence to research in depth to find the truth.

To find that truth we should perhaps make a start by not wasting our time on conferences on pointless theories of Evolution, such as the two planned at the Royal Marsten School and put our collective brains to work on really worthwhile research on existing sites all over the World.  Currently these sites seem to be largely the realm of TV shows on the History Channel which never clearly give an answer to their own questions because of course they cannot.  Or the continuously repeated TV space alien theorists shows, escapist nonsense instead of the real knowledge of Man.

Today we have the enormous advantage with the Internet by which the average person can do useful research, we have a highly educated populace in all of the developed countries and much of the Third World.   Yet we still have our scientists wasting time having conferences one to explain a theory and one to ridicule it.  In addition we have a Roman Catholic Church up to its eyebrows in controversy and problems keeping perhaps the source of answers to much of our World difficulties and possibly the true timeline of Mans development in a secret Library.

We have perhaps at this period in history an opportunity with the current Pope Francis, who wishes to be a great reformer, to open up the Vatican Library completely for research - no secret archives closed off, no silly different coloured tickets for the morning and afternoon of each day only obtained from different priests. All of which is designed just to frustrate persons wishing to use the library.  By working with scholars of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Faiths it could be possible to achieve a place, state and level of learning comparable to that at the Alhambra in Spain.  There for nearly 800 years up to the 14th. Century C.E. a level of dissemination of knowledge by the three great Abrahamic Religions was achieved not seen in our World before or since.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM.


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