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On the international waterfront today there is talk that the Government of New Zealand has detached HMNZS Wellington (P55) to patrol the Ross Sea. While this is a normal duty of that naval vessel the timing might appear to some a little unusual. Now NAUTICAL LOG has not been able to confirm this with a second report so it remains waterfront gossip from New Zealand.

However from a documented source, the latest Press Release from the SSCS Pirate Group, comes word that they and the JWF are in the area of 74 degrees 34 minutes South latitude, 149 degrees 9 minutes West longitude. This is about 2500 nautical miles from New Zealand on the southeast side of the Ross Sea in the area of responsibility of the NZRCC. For a mission of the possibly departed HMNZS Wellington (P55) it would be reasonable to think this is where she is headed. Unless of course she has been sent to detain the MS Steve Irwin on the high seas for something that happened at Wellington, NZ during her visit there, this too is a possible assigned mission.

Currently the MS Bob Barker is in conflict with the JWF she is blocking, or attempting too, the stern slipway of the MS Nisshin Maru with the MS Yushin Maru #3 preventing her. She by the way is now described as a "harpoon vessel'" where as before she was a "tracking/security" vessel, here status changes to suit the SSCS current propaganda release. It appears the fouled propeller of that vessel has been cleared and she is again safe to manoeuvre in the event of one of this areas sudden storms. Meanwhile the MS Gojira is supposedly racing around scouting, what NAUTICAL LOG has absolutely no idea and most likely neither has she. Locky MacLean seems confused by his own tactics these days but that is the result of tiredness, a diet of poorly sustaining food, and living in a small cramped vessel at sea - circumstances where a tragedy due to bad decision-making can easily happen.

It is highly likely also that some of these vessels will end up once again in a collision and once again the MS Bob Barker will come off second best, the MS Gojira will be destroyed. Remember the last collision when MS Bob Barker was holed in her starboard side with water pouring in, an absolutely terrified crew, including the Master of that time, all with little idea what to do and everything documented by Whale Wars personnel. Never funny when one is on the receiving end of bad things.

Into this saga of The Southern Sea we await the arrival of HMNZS Wellington (P55) and for her to do - whatever.

Good Watch.


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It sometimes happens that one is going to write a Post on a subject when lo and behold there is already an excellent one.  Such is the case today; so rather than repeat everything let me refer you to the source of that Post

At present we are experiencing Perigean Spring Tides which occur when the Moon is at perigee on its oval path that is the closest point to Earth.  One of the principal results are higher than usual Spring Tides as against the Neap Tides.

Should you be interested in the full explanation of this phenomenon then you might like to reference "Old Salt Blog" which has an excellent explanation of this event and uses all the correct terms - quite unlike our Media here in South Florida.

Good Watch.


In recent years there has been a steady decline in the professionalism, accuracy and quality of the various Media outlets and the social media.  In the rush to get there first with a story the shoddy Media - lets call it the really shoddy social media - have resorted to making up stories.  When growing up in the late 30's and 40's this was called lying and got one punished in our house.

Fake news includes inaccurate and unsupported stories all of which in the last year have been published without correction or apology.  Now it seems this attitude has spread to the maritime blogs.  One blog which was generally pretty good about its posts has slipped in accuracy lately including quoting from European tabloids.  A recent post was about H.M.S. Vengeance and its missile launches off the coast of Florida part of its programme to Certify boat and crew  The story was an ill advised, inaccurate choice in subject matter as to what happened and how the incident was reported to a Foreign N…


This month saw the commissioning into the Irish Naval Service of a new Class of Irish Naval vessel more of the Frigate size than the previously Corvette size.  However they are all classed as Patrol vessels, the new vessel is LÉ Samuel Beckett P61.NAUTICAL LOG wishes her well and a successful service.

The older vessels saw unbelievable service and value for money the first being commissioned in 1979 and continued through the '80's and 90's into the 21st. Century.  During those years in addition to patrolling the stormy seas around the rugged Irish coast they made passages across the Western Ocean to the United States and Canada, south to South America as far as Argentina, and east to Asia as far as Korea.  Such passages are really remarkable for such small vessels and show the competence of Irish seafarers who as Naval Officers and Merchant Marine Officers train together.

Good Watch.