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ICR photo

If this was not so serious it would be funny - it is not. In a report from MS Gojira which the SSCS now calls their scout ship she found the JWF factory ship busy whaling. Actually the MS Nisshin Maru was flensing a whale, which means for those of you not familiar with term, cutting it up to process the carcass. In whaling absolutely nothing is wasted except the whale blood. According to the report the Nisshin Maru seemed to be engaged in flensing operations at the time it was discovered, no proof here mind you just "seemed to be". Work lights were on as the decks were being washed down, the water flushing out of the overside scuppers was red-brown. With black smoke belching from the factory stacks a reasonable conclusion but not proof.

The MS Nisshin Maru was on course southwards towards an area of pack ice knowing that the Gojira could or should not follow her into the ice at the risk of slicing herself open. What to do? Hey why not an Ady Gil 2 that's always fun!! Believe it or not the SSCS reports this stuff themselves NAUTICAL LOG just sits here reads and processes it all in amazement. How can these nautical idiots come up with the same tactics time after time that do not work. Isn't that a sign of insanity when the same task is repeated over and over with the expectation of different results. Ok! so happened then? Well now the MS Gojira stopped in an area of loose ice as the MS Nisshin Maru proceeded to bear down on her. You just told us that the factory ship headed into the ice, so you mean you cut in ahead of her and then stopped - the Ady Gil 2 tactic. Again according to his own report CAPT. Locky MacLean waited until the MS Nisshin Maru was "40 metres away" and fired a red flare to signal the MS Nisshin Maru to alter course which she did and in a seamanlike manner to starboard. This huge ship passed clear just "20 metres" down the side of the SSCS scout ship, not content with this violation of the Nautical Rules of the Road and the misuse of a red signal flare, the MS Gojira then got underway and charged ahead attempting to block the factory ship once more. So it is clear that on the original approach of the MS Nisshin Maru the MS Gojira was fully manoeuvrable and could have got out of tha way, her actions were a deliberate attempt to get rammed - absolutely nautically insane.

The drama goes on apparently with the MS Bob Barker now involved but who really knows the truth of these actions anymore. In the power struggle to take over and head up the SSCS Pirate Group Locky MacLean seems to be trying to show that he is even more daring then 'Wats-his-name' and has not lost his nerve or yet his life and that of his crew thanks to the seamanship of the Master of MS Nisshin Maru. The nautical insanity of the SSCS cult continues - perhaps until death do us part.

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