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Dated March 04, 2014 and published under the title "Captain Hammarstedt Responds to Greg Hunt" there is on the SSA website the supposed exchange with Minister Hunt.  NAUTICAL LOG does not have a second source to confirm if this exchange actually took place.  Considering the propaganda published over the weekend the veracity of information coming from SSA sources is to put it mildly suspect.  One may visit and read the website and make a personal assessment as to its truthfulness. 

It is the further opinion of NAUTICAL LOG that even the most loyal Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) supporter must be at least somewhat suspect of the information currently coming from the Sea Shepherd Australia (SSA) vessels and published on the SSA website.

One might further point out this is a Swedish citizen telling an Australian government Minister how to act in running his government department.  If the situation was reversed and an Australian citizen was telling a Swedish Minister how to act in running a department of the Swedish government NAUTICAL LOG believes the Swedish government would rightfully be extremely annoyed. 

The arrogance displayed by Hammarstedt since his appointment to command the now severely damaged, unseaworthy MS Bob Barker is quite appalling.  In his current failed attempt to prevent whaling in the Southern Ocean and as a shipmaster his sense of proportion in relation to his position is unbelievable.  Clearly the mentoring of "Wats-his-name" is the influence however Swedish "captPH" has neither the physical build, presence or ability to carry it off effectively. 


Over the weekend yet more propaganda was posted by the Sea Shepherd Australia fleet.  One must say that these people can write more but less plausible reports than the Russian Federation and the Ukraine combined.

The main author of their rubbish seems to be the Swedish "captPH"  and it is clear he cannot keep track of his propaganda anymore than he can behave like a professional shipmaster.  By now he should have taken his severely damaged, unseaworthy, piece of maritime scrap the MS Bob Barker to a safe port for a construction survey.  But no!  With despicable, contemptuous disregard for the lives of his crew he continues to sail around the Southern Ocean a complete failure as a shipmaster and as an anti-whaling advocate.

Peter Hammerstedt
From the two pieces of propaganda that came out over the weekend it is quite clear that Operation Relentless is a total disaster.  The two pieces are titled "More Whales Slaughtered in Whale Sanctuary - Bob Barker under Attack for third time"  and "Australian and New Zealand Governments Abandon Whale Sanctuary to Japan".  Both are available on the Sea Shepherd Australia website and NAUTICAL LOG will quote them only if there is an absolute need to do so.  It is becoming harder and harder to keep track of and to make any sense of this SSA propaganda so one suspects that they are less than truthful, bear that in mind if you visit the SSA website. 

Having first told us that the SSA fleet was close to the slipway of the MS Nisshin Maru and thus preventing whales being brought on board her for processing they now tell us they are forty (40) nautical miles away - so which is it ?  The Swedish "captPH" says that the MS Yushin Maru and MS Yushin Maru No.2 attacked the MS Bob Barker for the third time at that distance.  These remarks would seem to indicate that they lost track of the factory ship MS Nisshin Maru once again and she was only found by the helicopter from the MS Steve IrwinNAUTICAL LOG would therefore ask, if the SSA fleet or at least one of its vessels are close, say within two (2) nautical miles, to the slipway of the factory ship preventing whales being brought on board how are they losing track of the factory ship.  Also in the report they state that dead whales are being processed on deck which of course must mean that the JWF catcher vessels are in fact catching whales which action the SSA fleet is unable to prevent.  All this in turn means that the Operation Relentless is a complete failure.  It also means that one might reasonably conclude that these reports are worthless contrived propaganda - lies.

One perhaps noteworthy point in all this while the MS Steve Irwin and its captain Siddarth Chakravarty are mentioned the captain of the MS Sam Simon Adam Meyerson is never mentioned or quoted - is there a difference of opinion there by Meyerson?  It would hardly be surprising if the man is a half-way decent professional seafarer.  We have learned that the MS Sam Simon is currently on passage to its pirates lair in Australia where it is due to arrive on March 08, 2014.  This would tend to confirm the suspected difference of opinion between Capt. Meyerson and Hammarstedt's lack of effective leadership.

Adam Meyerson
In the second propaganda statement one can read the viewpoint of the Swedish "captPH" about the governments of Australia and New Zealand.  In it he mentions his concern for the 38 Australians and 3 New Zealanders in the crews and the apparent lack of interest by their governments.  This is the same shipmaster who is risking the lives of these same crewmembers by not taking the MS Bob Barker into a safe port for a construction survey.  He knows very well that the 64 year-old vessel will be sent to the scrapyard as a piece of maritime junk by any professional nautical surveyor.  

In this same report he mentions his attempted - totally ignored - contact with the governments of Australia and New Zealand.  His reaction behavior is that of a petulant spoiled brat who has not got his own way and is certainly not the behavior of a mature man commanding a ship underway at sea in very dangerous waters.  This Swedish "captPH" is an embarrassment to those who currently command ships or have commanded ships during careers at sea as professional seafarers.  He is not deserving to be recognized in the company of professional seafarers let alone that of Master Mariners.

Good Watch.


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