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Ad majorem Dei gloriam
On his return to Rome from Brazil Pope Francis 1 gave an impromptu Press Conference in the aircraft.  This was to the surprise of the 'Vaticanisti' travelling with him but the contents of his talk were what amazed everybody the most.  It was once again interesting to note the concern on the faces of the Papal entourage ranging from that concern to puzzlement and "please shut-up and sit down".
But no he carried on talking and has thrown a real Papal spanner in the Papal machine which was already in need of a complete overhaul.  As a result the usual Vatican talking heads and those religious commentators of the Media are somewhat lost for words - not completely of course that will never happen - but definitely somewhat lost.
The main point of this quite long conversation with the Media while leaning over the back of the seats was on the sexual orientation and practices of persons and as a result their relationship to the Roman Catholic Church and its relationship to them.  It seems that they are no longer to be condemned for their sexual orientation as long as they do not physically practice it.  Then to the Medias surprise and for some astonishment the Pope said "Who am I to judge?"
Perhaps as a Lay Person of the Roman Catholic Church one may point out to Pope Francis that his job comes with a guide book in which he can find the answer to his own question.  It is called the Bible and comes in two parts, the Old Testament also known as the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.  It was assembled as a collection of various Books chosen by the Christian Church in the years after the departure of Jesus Christ from Earth.  Later when the Roman Empire became Christian the New Testament was revised and the Western Christian Church established now in Rome became the Roman Catholic Church under its Pope.  The Eastern Christian Church became the Orthodox Church under its Patriarch.
The Bible has Gods Law for us to follow leading to something called 'Salvation' (nobody really has any idea what that is but His Law is a good way to live which is one reason to follow it).  In the Old Testament we are told what happened to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for example when those cities practiced sexual behavior that God disapproved of.  Later when Jesus as the Messiah said he could forgive sin and did so the Rabbinate were horrified and this was one of the main points leading to having the Romans execute Him.
Therefore the question Pope Francis asked could be answered by the fact that as Christ's Vicar on Earth he is well qualified to judge in fact has a duty to the Members of the Roman Catholic Church to do so.  While he may choose not to condemn certain sexual practices and forgive as Jesus did the persons involved he most certainly cannot ask the question "Who am I to judge?".  This has horrified many Roman Catholic Church Members who now ask  are we to follow the teachings of the academic Pope Benedict or the Marxist-style-revolutionary theology of Pope Francis described by some of his fellow Jesuits as taking a great step forward for the Roman Catholic Church.  During the rock-concert-style celebration at the Copacabana Beach one noted the many Marxist flags including the National Flag of Angola, on the western coast of Africa, a former Portuguese Colony as is Brazil itself.
To many Lay Persons and Clergy of the Roman Catholic Church this was an appalling statement for a Pope to make.  It is quite a reversal from the approach of Pope Benedict 26 who still resides in the Vatican.  This is precisely the situation that many concerned Members of the Roman Catholic Church worried about when Pope Benedict resigned but did not Abdicate we would have two Popes alive, wearing Papal White and residing in the Vatican State at the same time.  Members of the Roman Catholic Church are now faced with two Papal opinions on one subject which has caused so much horror in the Roman Catholic Church due to the deplorable sexual behavior of many Roman Catholic Priests.
As A Lay Person of the Roman Catholic Church one has to wonder what prompted Pope Francis to make such a controversial statement to the Media travelling with him.  Some of the Media stated that he seemed to be in a Zen-like state and was clearly exhausted.  Perhaps the trip finalized by the Copacabana Beach celebration moved him into a state of religious ecstasy.  This is an altered state of consciousness, euphoria, spirit possession, leading to the final state of eight states of trance - Visuddimagga.  Moved at the time to express these opinions on sexual orientation it may well be that a 'clarification' will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead from the Vatican.
Papal Keys of the Avignon Coat-of-Arms
However if this is the new Path of the Roman Catholic Church there will be many Members not entirely comfortable with that Path or its Guide.  Fortunately a solution lies but a step away from the Vatican Apostolic Palace.  Form a Traditional Catholic Church and request Pope Benedict to be its Titular Head since he is already elected and anointed to Papal status.  Continue to follow Gods Law as stated by Jesus Christ and laid down in the Bible His guide book on how to lead our lives in a decent manner acceptable to Him.  We should move the Titular Head of this Traditional Catholic Church out of Rome, Italy to reside elsewhere in Europe perhaps Avignon, Department of Vaucluse, France once again would be a suitable choice.
Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM.
Laus Deo semper


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