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March 05, 2013.

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican has now been closed to the Public as it is being prepared for the Conclave to elect a new Pope when the date is decided upon.  Some additional Cardinals have now arrived in Rome, Italy.  Of the 115 Cardinal Electors only 107 had been present, it appears all are now in Rome or on their way to the Congregation of Cardinals currently Meeting twice each day.  It is understood these Meetings will be held once a day from now on.  From remarks made in Media interviews it appears that some Cardinal Electors are uncomfortable with the current format of the title being used to address Benedict XVI, it would also appear that at present this is having an effect on the overall proceedings.  We have a historical event without precedent and the Conclave must not be rushed if the Roman Catholic Church is to survive its current disasters and move towards a revised future with clarity and strength guiding the Lay Roman Catholic Community.

The Cardinal Dean drafted a Telegram which was approved at one of the Meetings and sent to Benedict XVI so clearly they are conscious of his presence.  However once locked into the Sistine Chapel in Conclave things have a way of changing - one hopes - in this extremely private atmosphere and a newly elected Pope chooses a path which is often rather different to that generally expected. 

We cannot have in the least way any sense of a former Pope hovering in the background so we believe the first act of the new Pope must be to remove the Emeritus title being used by Benedict XVI at present and perhaps give the one we suggested in the March 01, 2013 UPDATE below or something similar in the Ordained Ranks.  Otherwise the Lay Community of Roman Catholics is going to be comparing the former Pope to the new Pope, start supporting one or the other and follow one or the other thus further dividing this troubled Church.  A clear break from the past and a clear path forward is needed - indeed demanded - by the Roman Catholic Lay Community.  Current issues, both secular and religious, of importance to the Lay Community must be addressed openly with the participation and input of that Lay Community in equal Conference with the Roman Catholic Church religious leaders, resolved in a secular, and religious manner then fully published.

So how is all this to be done?  There is actually no requirement that a Pope be chosen from within the College of Elector Cardinals.  This may well be the time to choose in Conclave a prominent Ordained Roman Catholic Churchman from outside the College of Cardinals with the will, determination and capability to address the issues from a point of view unhampered by the rather stifling atmosphere of wearing the Red Hat bringing in a fresh perspective on the many issues troubling the Roman Catholic Church and move forward with the Lay Community which is so desirous of a Leadership having clarity and the strength to see things through to completion.

An example of that stifling atmosphere of the College of Cardinals is the interview of Marc Cardinal Ouellet by CBC News Canada.  He is a french-Canadian brought up in small town Roman Catholic Quebec and rose through the Church Ranks in typical traditional fashion.  It is clear he is not particularly concerned about the Lay Community and therein lies the problem of the Roman Catholic Church.  There is a sense of arrogance and superiority in his manner which with education widespread and indeed often much less narrowly focused in the Lay Community than that of these Leading Churchman is found very offensive by that Lay Community.  By regarding the issues as "secondary" and not addressing these issues so important to the Lay Community the College of  Cardinals will bring about the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church themselves. 

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM

March 01, 2013.

The ceremonies in connection with the resignation, the first in 600 years, of Benedict XVI are over now we are awaiting the Meetings of the Cardinals leading to the Date of Conclave in the Vatican Sistine Chapel which will elect the next Pope.  It is hoped that unlike last time this Conclave will not be rushed as this is most likely the most important Conclave in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  We would like to suggest that those interested in history research and read about Malachy (1094 - 1148) an Irish Churchman who made an extraordinary prediction regarding the Popes which ends with this next Pope.  It is sobering stuff, much disliked by the Vatican which often indicates that they are highly concerned about its level of truth and accuracy.  To date those predictions have been remarkably accurate.  This perhaps is the time to comment on the future Roman Catholic Church Rank of Joseph Benedict XVI Ratzinger. 

Since there is no history as to how resigned Popes will be treated or how they should dress even we believe it is highly improper for him to continue to wear white.  In the Roman Catholic Church this colour worn with red shoes is the garb of only one person that is the serving Pope.  By continuing to wear white Joseph Ratzinger givens the unfortunate impression of clinging to a certain degree of papal power which is highly improper. We would suggest therefore that Joseph Ratzinger be given the title of Retired Archbishop of St. John Lateran Basilica and wear a black cassock with purple trimmings and a skull cap of purple that being the Bishops colour.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM

February 28, 2013.


For those of you who are interested in history and historical events we have added a link to the Vatican at and have also entered it in our MY BLOG LIST.

As of 1400 (2 pm) Eastern Time Zone the Roman Catholic Church is without a Pope and in the interim will be led by the College of Cardinals.  After a series of meetings starting on Monday March 04, 2013 amongst these same Cardinals the date for the Conclave will be decided upon.  On that date the Cardinals will meet in Conclave in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to discuss and vote on the selection of a new Pope.

There has been so much mis-information and inaccuracies of reporting from the various Media sources broadcasting the resignation, the first in 600 years, of the last Pope Benedict XVI that we would like to suggest that you access the Vatican link to find out what is actually going on and the dates of the activities - it is available in several languages including English.

At 1400 today the Swiss Guard at  also available in several languages including English, left their guard posts and closed various doors at both Castel Gandolfo outside Rome, Italy and within the Vatican City - they guard only the Pope and that position is Apostolica Sedes Vacans.  Immediately the Corps of Gendarmerie of the Vatican City took over guard and security duties.  This status will remain in place until a new Pope is elected at Conclave.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM


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