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To the surprise of most if not all of us the Sea Shepherd self-declared international pirate "Wats-his-name" was arrested and then detained by a German Judge on Monday.  He sits in gaol/jail in Frankfurt, Germany under a warrant issued by the current Government of Costa Rica. The SSCS regards this as wrongful detention but the German Court is merely acting under International Law at the request of the Government of Costa Rica so it is quite legal.  Any change of status will have to be made with the input of Costa Rica.  It should also be remembered that it is not so long ago that an Interpol Blue Notice was issued for "Wats-his-name" being the result of legal action by Japan.

It would seem that his own bombastic language came back to haunt him and the Judge reasoned that "Wats-his-name" would not observe any bond arrangement made in the German Court while the extradition order requested by Costa Rica was processed.  This procedure can take several months and while a German jail is relatively comfortable compared to those of Costa Rica ones freedom is severely restricted.

While he sits there it might be a good idea for him to reflect on his life and the misery he has caused many of the young people who crewed his ships.  Full of environmental protection enthusiasm they foolishly joined his vessels working without any salary (except for those commanding the vessel NAUTICAL LOG has e-mails on that subject on file) under an unbelievable SSCS "Employment Contract" which would not hold water in any Court.  They travelled at their own expense joining and leaving the vessel and eat a rather poor diet for a life at sea, even on occasions running short of basics and begging for supplies on the dockside while selling souvenirs.  Life on board has not always been pleasant or indeed on occasions safe, some Kiwis one year in Antarctica became quite violent and "Wats-his-name" little sycophant officers could not control them .  Do not believe that? then review the "Whale Wars"® tapes. We are told that "Wats-his-name" behaves one way when the cameras are on and quite another way when the cameras are off, that also shows up on "Whale Wars"® tapes.  Screaming hysterically from the Bridge at untrained boat crews is not going to teach them how to launch and recover a RHIB.

As to those who have crewed the SSCS vessels they are now on every security database worldwide, when they passed in through an airport, joined a vessel, left a vessel, passed out through an airport, returned to their home country or country of residence.  The behaviour of "Wats-his-name" pirate tactics reflects fully on them and is part of their record.  Should they now wish to make a fresh start in life at sea that will be extremely difficult, perhaps impossible.  With their SSCS record they will not be able to obtain Seaman's Papers or hold required certificates such as STCW or will lose the ones they have at renewal time.   Without those no vessel can legally hire them and if it does it places itself and its Master at great risk with the practically certain punishment for the Master of losing his/her own Seaman's Papers.

It is the practice of NAUTICAL LOG when operating under a Consulting Contract to insist that all the crew backgrounds are reviewed and the point that none are former SSCS crewmembers thoroughly checked.  This protects both the Company being advised and of course NAUTICAL LOG.

Good Watch

Once again we would remind our readers that some 300 of our fellow seafarers are held hostage by pirates off the coast Puntland, Somalia.  As such that face mutilation and death everyday.  Nothing is being done to rescue them even after three (3) years in captivity.


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It sometimes happens that one is going to write a Post on a subject when lo and behold there is already an excellent one.  Such is the case today; so rather than repeat everything let me refer you to the source of that Post

At present we are experiencing Perigean Spring Tides which occur when the Moon is at perigee on its oval path that is the closest point to Earth.  One of the principal results are higher than usual Spring Tides as against the Neap Tides.

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Good Watch.


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