Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This morning while going through the maritime Blogs and our Press Release folder we read the Somalia Report (SR).  They reported on the rescue from shore based scumbags of Jessica Buchanan (American) and Poul Thisted (Danish) by a U.S. SEAL Team.  Very good news indeed and it confirms what NAUTICAL LOG has said over and over again ad nauseam that it can be done by the properly trained persons using extreme prejudice. 

Sadly however in the balance of life there was a second report in SR that states CAPT. Chao-I Wu of the FV Shiuh Fu #1 had his hand cut off by other scumbag pirates, off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  Also SR reported that two Korean seafarers are extremely ill and may not survive while also being held by pirates possibly now moved ashore.

Now China, Taiwan and Korea have extremely capable Special Forces Units and it would seem the time is past that they were sent into action to effect a rescue attempt using extreme prejudice against these pirates.  The Peoples Republic of China considers itself a World Power and sends naval vessels, including hospital ships, all over the World to display their prowess.  They are making military agreements with anyone and have visitors to PRC to again display their military prowess.  Now is the time to show in the real world if they can actually do anything or it is all just a Chinese Opera, makeup and dressing without substance.

Good Watch

In a recent Post NAUTICAL LOG stated clearly that in the event of anything happening to any seafarer held hostage by pirates we would file a 'Complaint' with the International Court.  Now is the time for us to put our money where our mouth is.  It will be a learning curve but today we have started to prepare such a 'Complaint'.  Once it is ready we shall publish it here in the Blog for 'All Hands' to see.  Perhaps a Law Firm will respond with some Pro Bono work and file the correct papers using the correct procedure with the International Court.  Whatever happens the maritime world will know that at least NAUTICAL LOG is serious about getting our fellow seafarers rescued even at the risk of lives being lost it is better than being chopped up for the amusement of these so called religious savages.

Yes we are extremely angry and disgusted at the lack of support from other maritime blogs we have (not) received and the International Maritime Authorities who are more interested in protecting the racing yachts of the so-called yachting elite with barbed wire and armed guards, than the seafarers held hostage off Somalia.

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