Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Banzai!!  Well the SSCS mob asked for it, now that they have got it they do not like it, pretty hard to please that lot.  NAUTICAL LOG had warned last year before the Southern Ocean Whaling Season started that this 2011-2012 Season the Japanese would fight back hard to defend their vessels.  Under Maritime Law they have every right to do so under defence against Piracy Laws.

Thankfully in the recent action one of the SSCS Cult members did not lose an eye but he came damn close to doing so - or so reports state.

This morning in our Press Release folder we have Reports courtesy of the "Herald Sun", "Sydney Morning Herald" and "The Institute for Cetacean Research".  Our Press Release provider states that for some unknown reason the SSCS reports are partially blocked however it really does not matter in the least because the information is republished by both these Australian newspapers.  Just more weird SSCS Cult behaviour from the great unwashed!!

To quote the summary of what supposedly happened:

"Two crew were struck in the shoulder by hooks while another was hit in the face with a bamboo pole after an encounter with a Japanese harpoon vessel. The conservation group says.  The incident reportedly occurred at around 3AM (AEDT) about 300 nautical miles north of Mawson Peninsula in Antarctica".

On the JWF side they state:

"In addition to coming alongside brandishing a knife, the activists cut the fixing rope of one of the intruder-prevention protective float fenders and ripped the protective net set on both sides of the YS2.  Their behaviour points to an attempt to illegally board the YS2".

Photos have been published and can be seen in all the relative websites.  In one of the photos there appears to be a diving knife in the right hand of a SSCS Cult member in the forward part of the RHIB.  By this action it places him under Maritime Law to be an armed possible boarder and thus the Japanese had every right to defend their vessel.  They were in the perfect position to have had a stun grenade dropped into the RHIB.  The Cult leader "Admiral Wats-his-name" is placing his devoted Cult followers in an appalling position for injury or death.  He has now achieved the Cult influence level of Jones at Jonestown, Guyana with a section of the seagoing personnel.

Some of you may laugh at this and please go right ahead because that is what happened with Jones and other Cult leaders.  Then a Congressman went to find out the situation in Guyana and was murdered as he went to board his aircraft, in turn this resulted in the deaths by Kool-Aid® laced with cyanide of hundreds of children, women and men.  So those of you who laugh  at NAUTICAL LOG better laugh with caution. 

Good Watch

Having already been boarded and captured by pirates some 300 of our fellow seafarers are now held hostage by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  No bamboo poles for these scumbags they are armed with AK47's.

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