Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A saxophone has been described as an ill wind that nobody blows good.  From the confused Press Releases that arrived in our Press Folder this morning it would seem this may apply to the SSCS writers also. 

Does this look like a "whaling" ship to you?  It does, then join the SSCS seagoing cult they will be delighted to have you.

First of all there was:

"The Shonan Maru Boarding Incident."  followed by,

"Tokyo's Illegal Invasion of World Heritage Area Continues."  then the favourite

"Sea Shepherd Dancing Dangerously With the Outlaw Whaling Fleet in the Southern Ocean." 

this is like something out of those Saturday morning movies we went to see as kids about comic book heroes.

The stuff gets sillier and sillier as this windy operation drifts further and further from the world of reality.  The writing is a collection of twisted around facts to suit the SSCS seagoing Cult preconceived opinions.  There are statements credited to Australian Government personnel which are in turn denied by them and corrected in the Australian newspapers. NAUTICAL LOG senses desperation on the part of both the writers of these PR's and the SSCS seagoing Cult as a whole.  As each year goes by the operations seem to be less and less effective, more and more confused.  Really one is beginning to feel sorry for the pathetic crew trapped on board these SSCS vessels, who may be cold, wet, tired and being fed a Cult diet.

Since there is absolutely nothing of any value either to discuss or indeed believe in these Press Releases NAUTICAL LOG shall let readers visit the SSCS website for themselves. 

One thing that did happen, one of their RHIBs broke down on the trip from the MS Steve Irwin to the MS Shonan Maru #2.  When a vessel cannot maintain its small boats which are key to their harassing tactics it indicates a sad sack crew on board.

For more factual reports visit the ICR-JWF website at click on the English version and there are three (3) PR's under 2012.

Good Watch.

Something that is really worth your while to keep informed about is the fact that 300 of our fellow seafarers are held hostage by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  There are currently no plans to rescue them.

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