Thursday, January 12, 2012


Some interesting information from Ecorazzi this morning.  It appears that while the SSCS seagoing Cult crewmembers pay everything themselves, travel to and from the vessels and all expenses the SSCS top echelon get paid.  The pay scales quoted are salaried employees $30,000 to $60,000 while "Wats-his-name" gets $96,000 - no data about their expenses however.

Now this is fascinating as it confirms the offer made last year to NAUTICAL LOG yes NAUTICAL LOG that archfiend who dares to criticise the SSCS seagoing Cult.  We have an e.mail on file which offered a position as Master to take the MS Steve Irwin from Australia to the United Kingdom.  On following up we were told there would be a salary and expenses would be covered.  All we can conclude from this is that, since we know the SSCS contact to be genuine, there was a dastardly plot to dump NAUTICAL LOG overboard in the Indian Ocean or some strange twisted plan to convert NAUTICAL LOG to the SSCS seagoing Cult way of thinking.  One has to wonder how that was going to work!!

Frankly we thought the dumping to be best bet for SSCS and since we were going to Ireland for the Waterford Sail Training Festival 2011 we declined.  Seriously can you imagine the convoluted thinking of these people to even come up with such an idea.  But then reading the latest of their PR's perhaps one should not be too surprised as the SSCS has long left the realms of reality far behind.

In other SSCS news from Majirox News in Tokyo comes a report that crewmen aboard the Japanese Fishery Protection vessel MS Shonan Maru #2 hurled stun grenades at Sea Shepherd crewmembers who were alongside the JFP in a RHIB.  The Japanese Coastguard reported that a Sea Shepherd RHIB was attempting to disable the vessel by deploying ropes with floats and metal attachments to foul the propeller.  After refusing to respond to instructions given by bullhorn the stun grenades were thrown.

However in fairness to all concerned the news report was not sympathetic to their fellow Japanese and were in fact quite critical.  It is of course an act of Piracy to attempt to harass a vessel in this manner on the High Seas but since no one prosecutes these paid executive pirates why should the SSCS seagoing Cult and their salaried shore Staff pay any attention to Maritime Law.

Good Watch.

That other group of pirates hold 300 of our fellow seafarers hostage off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  Day after day they are under the extraordinary stress of being murdered at any moment.  Not a thing is being done to rescue them.  NAUTICAL LOG will keep going on and on about them after every Post until something is done - we will never quit on our fellow seafarers.

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