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This Post is compiled from Public Domain Press Releases published by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) and republished by Nature News Network®.  This Post complies with the DMCA as recognised under the United States Federal Code.  The  analysis and commentary is by NAUTICAL LOG.

Whodat grey haired guy on the left?

Three Australian citizens are reported detained on board the MS Shonan Maru #2 a guard ship for the Japanese Whaling Fleet (JWF).  The report states that three persons from Perth, Fremantle and Bunbury, Western Australia respectively.  They came out from shore by boat to intercept the Japanese vessel which was tailing the MS Steve Irwin a vessel of the SSCS seagoing Cult.  The interception took place at a reported position of 32° 00' South Latitude and 115° 21' East Longitude.  Also involved were to small boats from the MS Steve Irwin.  Under cover of darkness the three Australians boarded the Japanese vessel.

This is the MS Shonan Maru #2 kindly published without copyright protection by SSCS.
As can be seen the vessel is painted white and marked on the superstructure
as a Japanese Government vessel.

It would appear that they were immediately detained by the vessels crew which it is understood are Japan Fishery Agency officers.  These are the same tired old tactics tried before which got Peter Bethune charged and tried in the Japanese Justice System.  Of course Admiral "Wats-his-name" does not get personally involved just sends two middle-aged crisis guys and a young man to do his dirty work for him.  Just think these lucky chaps now get to enjoy whale meat sushi, rice in a million different forms, other Japanese delicacies all washed down with green tea.  Then they will be  transferred to a Japan Coastguard vessel and an ocean voyage to the Land of the Rising Sun - Banzai!

At the present time, three Australian citizens are being held as prisoners on board the Japanese vessel MS Shonan Maru #2.

Our readers can access the Sea Shepherd Press Release, read the details for themselves because quite frankly it is hot air propaganda that marks SSCS and this already failed "Operation Divine Wind".  As our informed maritime readers know and both SSCS and Forest Rescue® know it is illegal to board a vessel at sea whether it is the High Seas of International Waters or the Contiguous Zone of a Sovereign Maritime State.  This is a totally contrived situation to cause an international incident, it is dangerous, ignorant of effective behaviour, repeating those tired old tactics and rather stupid. 

Good Watch.

Once again we remind you that 300 of our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia are now considered hostages.  They could be murdered on the whim of these pirates.


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