Thursday, December 8, 2011


On checking our AIS this morning we see that the SSCS vessel MS Steve Irwin (NL) has departed from the Port of Fremantle anchorage and at present is on course 194° T at 13.6 Knots. It would appear that she was not particularly welcomed in Western Australia.   She seems to have a passage plan to round the SW corner of Australia and perhaps head to Hobart, TAS. to join the MS Bob Barker (NL).  We shall be watching our AIS.

As a matter of interest to those of you not familiar with the Automatic Identification System (AIS) all passenger vessels regardless of size must have an active AIS when underway.  Other vessels of 300 GT (Gross Tonnes) or greater must also have an AIS active when underway

Regarding the MS Nisshin Maru (JP) she has not had an active AIS for over 2 days since she was in the Inland Sea of Japan.  If she is in the Pacific Ocean or on the coast of Japan she is violation of IMO SOLAS and should be instructed to active her AIS immediately.

Good Watch

Those 400 fellow seafarers are still held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia.  Let us get them out of there and home for Christmas.

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