Monday, November 21, 2011

NLIN #47

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office has published Issue 3 of its news.  There is a link to UKHO in 'My Link List'.  Contact may also be made via  The UKHO publishes these e-news Issues at rather irregular intervals throughout the year.

Good Watch

Once again we would remind you that 400 of our fellow seafarers are being held captive by pirates off Somalia.  Some are now going to be spending their second Christmas in this sordid captivity.  What really bothers NAUTICAL LOG is that most of you who publish maritime blogs do not really seem to care.  Not a single one of the various maritime blogs adds a note with each Post as we do.  Only gCaptain posts a weekly Piracy Report. 

This lack of interest is both puzzling and disappointing to NAUTICAL LOG.  Not even Bill O'Reilly the "Senior Deacon of the Church of Perpetual Outrage" has ever mentioned on his show our fellow seafarers held in captivity who are as deserving of his attention as the "Wounded Warriors" which through his generosity he raises considerable funds for with his books, t-shirts, pens and doormats.

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