Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Kristallnacht results
Coming up on Friday is the "Eleventh Hour" known in the United States as Veteran's Day.  The famous remark made at the time was "today the guns fell silent on the Western Front"  the time of cease fire for World War 1, the 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month, 1100/11/11/1918.  Sadly it did not last for just 20 years later things had fallen apart once again in Europe and World War 2 started. 

It was acts like Kristallnacht (Broken Glass Night) 73 years ago today which fanned the flames of animosity and outright hatred.  NAUTICAL LOG was nearly two years old at the time, living in Europe, so began the greatest influence on my life.  Kristallnacht was a major act in what led to Shoah, the event that led to the destruction of nations, the formation of nations, formation of the United Nations, the European Union and deeply influenced world political thinking.

Friends of my parents who had fought in WW1 now served once again in WW2.  On the start of a career at sea in 1953 all the Masters and Senior Officers had served in WW2 either on the British or German sides.  Both groups were fine people from whom one could learn a great deal with an open, interested and inquiring mind.

As we approach an Election Year in the United States it is well to reflect on all this, many will have to learn about it,  for already we have seen specialised groups trying to influence whom is elected using public rants, revealing past improprieties, and street violence.  All these were tactics in Europe between WW1 and WW2 which led to groups of people being blamed for events and made the scapegoats for the quality of everyone's lives.  Does this remind you of today - it should. 

We get whom we elect, that is what we have in the present Administration of politicians who will keep power at any price even if it leads to destroying the United States as we know it.  We are led now by politicians who blame the same group of people as the Germans and others did in the 1930's - the recent overheard conversation regarding Benjamin Netanyahu at G20 is an example that tends to proves that point.

Good Watch

Pirates still hold captive some 400 of our fellow seafarers off the coast of Somalia.  Are you helping to free them or just saying "oh that's awful" as in 1930's Germany?

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