Tuesday, November 22, 2011


No doubt these thoughts of NAUTICAL LOG were triggered this morning reading about the lack of ability to make decisions, any decisions, by our dysfunctional government - actually lack of government.  Things have deteriorated to such a stage that the umbrella of Federal Government over these several States has lost its panels.  We are not alone however!

In that Paradise of Socialism (no not the Obama Administration) the European Union (EU) there is confusion, which of course for them is normal.  The European Union is a collection of countries headed by their own Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers who dream of a European President and European Constitution.  Can you imagine a ship commanded by two Masters perhaps one female and one male in these days of political correctness, also known as bovine scatology.  In this mess of political porridge the Spanish have thrown out a Socialist Government and given an absolute majority to a Centre-Right Party.  In France their coming election will no doubt toss out a Centre-Right Party (well their version of one) and put in a Socialist Party (well their version of one).  As to other EU countries who knows there is such confusion, so many parties, an obsession with entitlements that one never quite knows how things will go.  As one can see they are all clearly on the path to nirvana socialism - or is that a bloody great mess ahead - in the fog of such politics it is nearly impossible to tell.

This is what the Obama Administration dreams about in its "White House" actually that's our White House it belongs to "We The People".  Whatever!!  Then we have that Congressional Super Committee which cannot get its act together and are so ashamed they brush past reporters when they leave the Room - after the Stock Markets have closed of course.  Excuse me but that's "We The People" again you numbskull's represent us so do not dare to brush past me without explaining your behaviour.

Anthropomorphism?  Well you see it is called The United States Congress and conveniently the same term is used to describe one of the most repulsive and obnoxious creatures in nature, a Congress of Baboons.

Good Watch

Those 400 of our fellow seafarers are still held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia, as we at home are held captive by lazy, self-centred governments.  Which may be why they have not been rescued yet.

Congress at work:

Here we see the Congress of Baboons stripping Mr. Public trapped in his car, this is known as being car-ried away by Congress.

Here we see the Congress of Baboons coming or going, they and we do not know which, on a long road leading nowhere.

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