Monday, November 28, 2011


For over a year now NAUTICAL LOG has been waging its own war against piracy by adding a comment after each Post.  Many, including serving Masters, were complaining about the apparent lack of effort by the Horn of Africa Naval Patrol.  Finally, after much discussion behind the scenes, the United Kingdom Prime Minister came up with the Licensed Armed Guard Detachments in British Flag State vessels.  Surprise, surprise there was negative reaction to that also and by those same serving Masters who had complained about the lack of Naval Patrol effort.  It seems in this era of worldwide "entitlement" thinking there is no pleasing people even serving Masters.  One in particular who has his own Blog has repeatedly and insistantly stated vessels with Armed Guard Detachments could be hijacked.  Depending on the quality of that Armed Guard and most importantly the attitude and capability, or lack thereof, by the Master it is possible.  However one does have something to fight back with and there are training courses, yes more courses, to learn to use AGD's effectively.

De Walt® nail gun

Now if you really are against all this professional counter piracy effort and prefer to "do your own thing" NAUTICAL LOG  has a possible solution for you.  This arrived on my desk this morning - no not the real thing unfortunately - a photograph which is reproduced here.  Despite its aggressive appearance it seems one does not need a licence to carry it around, try telling that to the South Florida Police Departments!! 

Don't you just love De Walt® tools and yes Christmas is coming, those pirates just hate Christmas.

Good Watch

And yes here is that comment, pirates are holding 400 seafarers captive off the coast of Somalia and Christmas is coming.

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