Tuesday, November 1, 2011


As regular readers know NAUTICAL LOG does not have Facebook®, Twitter®, RSS® or some such so our numbers are direct visitors from the Internet who know of or have found our website.  Today we reached 55,000 the 55,000th. visitor being from Kristainsund, More og Romsdal, Norway.

We have now decided to continue publishing NAUTICAL LOG, it will continue to be an activist maritime blog, a courteous one but on occasions shall stir-things-up, perhaps even 'rant' when we feel moved to the occasion.  Also we are back to commenting in response to other Blogs Posts when we feel that is warrented - so be warned.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy the Posts, please comment and  make suggestions following our Blog rules!!

Good Watch

Armed guards are now officially sailing in many ships that of necessity have to transit the Horn of Africa piracy region.  However we must not forget that 400 of our fellow seafarers are still held captive by pirates off the coast of Somalia.  Puntland does seem to be trying to make an effort to reduce attacks so perhaps it is time to give them some support and training by involving them in the Naval Patrols serving the region.

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