Tuesday, October 18, 2011


NAUTICAL NOTES is a new feature of NAUTICAL LOG which will be added too from time-to-time.

  • There is a M-Notice MIN 417 (M) issued by the UK-MCA regarding the survey of carbon fibre masts and spars in Large Sailing Yachts.  NAUTICAL LOG would suggest to Operators of such vessels to inspect this equipment prior to an official survey.  The standards of managing and operating STV's is clearly in need of Auditing.  The knowledge of STV Masters and Officers in Ship Stability and its associated calculations from the vessel Stability Book is clearly in need of assessment and testing.   Operators, Managers, Masters, Officers and crews would do well to read, study and take-to-heart the Report on the knockdown and sinking of STV Concordia by TSB Canada.  Lack of a Designated Person Ashore (DPA), as required by the ISM Code, for the Operators caused complications after her abandonment. Lack of Stability knowledge by her Master and Officers led to her knockdown and sinking off Brazil.  Those Organizations planning to place persons in STV's for sea experience and training must conduct an Audit of each individual vessel prior to doing so - these are human lives we are dealing with not playing "sailor-at-sea" games.

PLAN Daishandao 866

  • The Chinese hospital ship PLAN Daishandao/Peace Ark has crossed the Pacific and arrived in the Gulf of Panama on Friday October 14, 2011.  She is on a mission to several Caribbean Nations and will transit the Panama Canal.  The hospital ship refuelled from the coastal tanker MT Lorenzo Sea in the Pacific side anchorage area. On the evening of October 15 she transited the Panama Canal to the Atlantic side.  She is now in the Caribbean on "Harmonious Mission" which includes a visit to Cuba and several other Caribbean Nations.

  • The U.S.Government is making arrangements to inspect the Spanish oil rig which will be conducting operations off the northern coast of Cuba.  In the event of any incident that requires response the USCG will have to able to conduct its response to protect the U.S. coastline.  Due to the Gulf Stream spills will quickly be swept along the Florida Keys and up the Florida coastline with the possibility of disastrous results.

suspect speedboat

  • In a first attempt by Somalis and African Union Officials to restrict piracy off East Africa a speed boat with seven (7) aboard, AK-47's, RPG's, and ammunition was arrested at sea.  We shall await to see what happens now.

  • As always please remember that there are 400 of our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates both ashore and off the coast of Somalia.

Good Watch.

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