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As regular readers of NAUTICAL LOG know we are very concerned about piracy and our fellow seafarers held captive.  It might even be said we are quite obsessed, indeed this could well be true, better that than ignoring the campaign to free them like other maritime themed blogs.

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So when another maritime themed blog Marine Cafe Blog (which is currently blocked for some reason) has an article about the piracy it lands on our desk via the Press Release Folder.  One that came to light today was as a result of a Conference in Switzerland which produced the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Companies (ICoC).  One of the firms guided by this is FTS Marine Security  a State of Florida licensed company. They were invited to write an article published in another maritime themed blog, it was written by a James M. Canning Sr.  By using the link one can visit and read the article which NAUTICAL LOG is not going to publish other than raise some points

James M. Canning Sr. FTS Company President
To say that Mr. Canning has little or no knowledge of maritime affairs is putting it mildly.  According to the website data his background is Army National Guard training with service in Iraq with the U.S. Army National Guard.  His profession seems to be that of a Correctional Officer/Prison Guard.  How this translates to maritime affairs is not explained but his own remarks indicate complete lack of understanding of even the basics of maritime law.

Amongst other extraordinary remarks he suggests that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) set up Courts to bring pirates to Trial.  Apparently he is unaware that there are in place both National and International Maritime Courts to do just that.  Continuing on this theme he suggests that there could be "security vessels" flying their own company logo flag (known in the maritime world as a House flag) and the IMO flag.  In the light of 60 years as a seafarer NAUTICAL LOG is not aware that the IMO registers vessels or can legally do so - as to this IMO Flag State we are bewildered!!  Perhaps Mr. Canning would be kind enough to explain this to us. 

The UN-IMO flag
He would do well to contact a United States Coast Guard Legal Officer who will explain International vessel registry to him.  He could also use the guidance of a really good maritime law firm - he has a great deal to learn about the maritime world before he starts trying to secure it.

The rest of the points raised in his article you will have to read for yourselves. Mr. Canning seems to be a fellow resident of the Sunshine State of Florida as his security company license and firearms training are under the laws of the State of Florida.

This is perhaps a prime example of amateurs developing businesses when National Governments and International Maritime Authorities shirk their legal duties to their Citizens.

Good Watch

And yes the pirates still hold 400 of our fellow seafarers captive both ashore and off the coast of Somalia.


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