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First there was WATERFORD, IRELAND.

Then there was SAN DIEGO, CA.
1.  Its still early for NAUTICAL LOG so drinking coffee and checking websites we found that Sail Training Festivals abound this year and it seems their logos are similar.  Is this intentional or just copying a "good thing"?

2.  Upside down thinking from New Zealand where word comes that some are upset that a rugby cup party ship is berthed just 100 metres from the container ships berthing pier.  Where do they think the money comes from to host the Rugby World Cup in the first place?  Between the blood rushing to your heads adding to the beer listen up - its from trade mate!!

3.  The Registrar of Shipping and Seaman of the United Kingdom has released records of Merchant Navy Seamen from 1918 to 1941.  These may now be accessed at  Some families may object to the realease of these contents due to the fact that on the United States based blog gCaptain quotes from the record of one Officer the nature of his death.  One wonders why out of over 9000,000 records this particular one was chosen.  NAUTICAL LOG thinks the choice of publishing this particular record by gCaptain is inappropriate and disrespectful and more that of a supermarket tabloid rather than a maritime blog of some worth.  Revealing such information from American seafarers records would most likely be a breach of confidentiality, grounds for a lawsuit.

4.  From the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) there comes a report "The Waters Run Red" that now they have left the Faroe Islands the killing has resumed.  With the Faroese Police it appears ignoring the action a 'grind' took place today.  Pilot whales were driven into a fjord at Vestmanna around noon local time and all caught were killed - adult males, females and calf's.

During the SSCS Patrol months of July and August not a single 'grind' took place so it would seem to indicate to NAUTICAL LOG and no doubt many other people including Faroese that this gross behaviour is morally wrong.  However now that the SSCS have departed the pandering Faroese Police in a cowardly decision allowed a 'grind' - no doubt others will now occur.  As the report stated and NAUTICAL LOG fully agrees "These men are pathetic cowards" and we would add "Not men".

Margrethe II
Therefore perhaps it is time for the Danish Monarch to Address this issue, she has three Rights:
  • The Right to be Consulted. 
  • The Right to Advise.
  • The Right to Warn.
Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhilder Ingrid we would request that you exercise those Rights and Consult with the Faroes Government, Advise them that their 'grind' is wrong in modern times, Warn them that continuing this disgusting behaviour will bring further negative reaction to the Faroe Islands and to Denmark herself.

Good Watch.

No we have not forgotten our fellow seafarers held by pirates ashore and off  the coast of Somalia.  Yes we shall continue to rant and rage about it until every last one of them are home with their families.


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Good Watch.


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