Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Kilo Class

Vosper Marine frigate

coastal supply ship

In the news today is that of the Iranian Navy which is possibly planning a series of "patrols" along the East Coast of the United States and entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Well now it is quite possible to suppose they could actually accomplish this but rather unlikely.  The vessels that would be used would be their Kilo Class submarines consisting of :

Tareq 901 built 1992
Noor 902 built 1993
Yunes 903 built 1997

In turn these could be supported by the British Vosper Marine frigates:

Alvand 71 built 1971
Alborz 72 built 1971
Sabalam 73 built 1972
Jamaran 76 built in Iran 2010

There are a jumble of other vessels acquired from several different countries all of which require differing spare parts and training to operate them.  Also there are reversed engineered Iranian built vessels. It is hard to assess the level of training and the overall skills of the Officers and crews of these vessels.  It seems reasonable to NAUTICAL LOG to suspect that it is not of a high calibre and very unlikely to be of the level for extensive ocean voyaging.  Certainly it is extremely unlikely that the Iranian Navy currently has the skills to patrol the East Coast of the United States and enter the Gulf of Mexico.

The word "FARCE" is defined as "a style of comedy marked by broad humour and extravagant wit; ridiculous or empty show" it just might be that FARSI is the current language of "ridiculous or empty show."

However having said all that remember how the Chinese quickly and rather efficiently built, trained and manned a large coastal and ocean Navy.  But even they do not "patrol" the East Coast and enter the Gulf of Mexico unless invited - at least not yet.

Good Watch.

Once again we draw attention to the 400 of our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates both ashore and off the coast of Somalia.  One day they will be released and NAUTICAL LOG will be proud to have done our bit to achieve that release - care to join us other nautical themed blogs?

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