Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Safe trip folks - your going to need it!!
Safe Boating International - after seeing this photo you may not think so.  Take a look at the above photo and what do you see?  A happy family out for a boat trip exploring a busy international harbor and suitably equipped to enjoy themselves.  Maybe NOT lets take another look.

First of all we have the 'bowrider', she is sitting right forward with legs dangling, yes there is a bow rail but this is not something sensible boaters should do.  Experienced trained boaters would not allow her to sit there.

Second we can see two children, one in the stern with Mom who has an arm around her.  Another with Dad in the cabin also being held.  So far so good right - sorry not really - both these kids should be wearing properly fitted children's sized lifejackets while underway.  One wonders just what if any safety equipment is in this boat with 6 persons on board.

And did we mention that fender still hanging over the side, perhaps the trim tabs if she has them could be adjusted - not much seamanship or experience displayed here is there!!  Does your boat look like this one when underway this Boating Season?

Wondering where this is?  It is in a "Nanny State" of the European Union, that vaunted region of safety and protection for all its citizens, in this case Puerto de las Palmas, Gran Canaria, EspaƱa. 

Good Watch.

Please remember, as does NAUTICAL LOG, the 800 of our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates both ashore and off the coast of Somalia.  Also the coast of West Africa which is suffering attacks many of which go unreported because of concern for increasing marine insurance rates.  It seems shipowners are interested only in their profits and not human lives.

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