Sunday, July 17, 2011


To edited quote from the WTSF Official Souvenir Brochure:

"Sail Training is a outdoor adventure for young people it is defined as a programme of instruction in sail handling, navigation, passage making, safety at sea and ship management". 

Indeed it does all that extremely well and a great deal more.  It may well be that the "more" is the most important part in our modern society with its several social problems not the least of which is inter-generational animosity.  The experience of sail training allows young people to discover their own hidden talents and strengths.  It opens up the value of others both their own age group and older and to work as a team.  Most importantly it develops and inspires self-confidence as they get the opportunity to be the "person-in-charge" of a situation at sea under sail.  Many times it is a positive even live changing experience.

Having spent my entire life on the water of which some 50 years was as a professional seaman leading to commanding ships worldwide one speaks from experience.  Hopefully you too will get and take the opportunity to sail in a Sail Training programme.

Good Watch

Please remember our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia.

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