Wednesday, July 27, 2011


PLA Navy Shi Lang (designated)
On June 09, 2011 NAUTICAL LOG wrote a Post about the new PLA Navy aircraft carrier based on an existing hull, with the designated name of Shi Lang - the Post was titled "NOW AVAILABLE AT IKEA".

Today July 27, 2011 in gCaptain - which is considered a leading maritime Blog by some - there is an article about the PLAN Shi Lang stating that even though she is due to start sea trials this summer she is as yet unnamed.  We are puzzled - has the PLA Navy changed its mind as to the naming, is gCaptain mistaken, or heaven forbid did NAUTICAL LOG get it wrong?

We still believe that the PLA Navy aircraft carrier is named PLAN Shi Lang after the Admiral who in 1681 was put in charge of an amphibious operation against Taiwan.  And yes as the gCaptain article says she will be used for training and developing carrier operational skills.  Training ship or not remember she is still an aircraft carrier with all the power that projects - whatever name she is finally given.

Good Watch.

Please remember our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia and now it would seem West Africa once again.

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