Monday, July 25, 2011


Containers have been around for decades now and the 'box ships' have grown in size to hold thousands of them in two sizes TEU (Twenty Equivalent Unit) and 40 footers.  Once the containers are discharged they are placed ready MT for reloading and this is where the problems can start.  How to get all those discharged boxes back to the loading point at one Port from the discharging point at another Port.  In some of the smaller ports using 'shuttle vessels' to do this can quickly start to cost monies in shipping MT boxes.

Earlier this year a company named Staxxon® developed a folding TEU, it is now being manufactured in New Jersey by SeaBox® at a brand new plant.  For example on one Caribbean container ship NAUTICAL LOG sailed in we carried about 100 TEU's and regularly brought MT boxes back to the United States from the smaller Islands.  By shippers using these new folding TEU's we could have carried about 500 MT boxes on any one voyage.  When folded the Staxxon/Seabox® TEU's fit 5 to 1 in an ISO TEU storage space.

Good Watch.

Please remember our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia.

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