Thursday, July 28, 2011


Now that's why they go out!!
Here in Florida the Statewide lobster mini-season ends at midnight tonight.  To be honest NAUTICAL LOG has never understood its purpose but it is a real State tradition - it is always unwise to mess with tradition particularly here in the South y'all. 

The lobster mini-season is always held the last Wednesday and Thursday of July starting at 0001 Wednesday and ending 2359 Thursday.  One may catch 12 legal sized lobsters in an approved manner for personal use, once that quota is reached that's it until next year.  However the regular lobster season starts August 06 and runs through March 31 each year so enjoy.

Each year it seems there are accidents resulting in death and sadly this year once again a life was lost the first morning of fishing.  The weather was quite rough and of course people go out in small boats without too much experience, there were at least two capsizes in areas around Miami, FL.  Fortunately these people were rescued by the numerous law enforcement agencies on duty.

As well as checking for undersized lobsters the Agencies issued tickets for all the usual infractions - failure to display 'diver-down' signals, insufficient lifejackets, expired fire extinguishers.  One wonders why people go out in boats without preparing correctly but every year it is the same things.

Well just a few hours left, it is getting dark, not really too nice out there, lets hope those who are braving the elements get their quota and come home safely - until next year.

Good Watch.

Please remember our fellow seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia and once again harassed by pirates off the Ports of West Africa.

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