Monday, June 6, 2011


Tonight NAUTICAL LOG hit 40,000 readers who found the Blog, according to Sitemeter® and read it, some quite regularly.  We do not now or ever intend to use Facebook® or Twitter® so NAUTICAL LOG is found only on Blogspot® at .  We hope you will continue to read, comment and enjoy this activist maritime blog.  If there are subjects you would like us to address we shall be happy to consider their suitability. 

Below is a note in red print regarding piracy and the response to it for the sake of our fellow seafarers.  This coming week NAUTICAL LOG is going to monitor other maritime blogs and we may decide to transfer blogs from our 'My Blog List' to 'My Link List' due to the level of their efforts in preventing further piracy.  Or maybe we shall not continue to list a particular Blog at all.  It is most important that all hands work together on the piracy issue.  Not nearly enough is being done by governments that could be done by governments except meetings, talk and paperwork.  The time for serious action is away past.

Good Watch

Please remember the seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia.  Unfortunately very little that is effective is being done to free them - all talk and reports. 

It seems now the only course open for seafarers is to refuse to transit the pirate area of HOA and to refuse to mann the ships that attempt this passage.  To my fellow seafarers if you do choose to mann these vessels then you are really on your own if  boarded by pirates. 

We are also disappointed that no other maritime blog has added a note like this to their Posts - we shall keep doing so under each  Good Watch

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