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UPDATE:  Sunday May 15, 2011.  Two pieces of news with regard to the State Visit of Elizabeth Windsor.  First the following statement from An Garda Siochana Superintendent John Gilligan, we quote;

"If people want to come out and, for whatever reason, protest in relation to the visit, that will also be facilitated within reason, in terms of a reasonable protest will be allowed, a peaceful protest, but up to a point.  Gardaí are prepared, if necessary, to deal with any issues that arise".

NAUTICAL LOG thinks that the statement's repetitive wording and poor grammar shows that the gentleman from the Garda Press Office is under a great deal of stress.  This is the time when poor decision-making occurs and reactions become uncontrolled.  The last word of the statement is interesting because the group giving An Garda Siochana direct problems at the moment is Eirigi which is Gaelic for 'arise'.

The second piece of news is far more problematic and absolutely appalls NAUTICAL LOG because it was revealed, by the Australian news media, that two (2) groups of British Armed Police will be in Ireland protecting Elizabeth Windsor and David Cameron.  The British PM is also visiting during the same time next week.  Not since the 1920's have British Armed Police served in Ireland, those of course were the thugs of the RIC Auxiliaries Black and Tans.  If this visit was supposed to bring two sides together it may have just the opposite effect.  Can anyone imagine what will happen if one of these British Armed Police draws a weapon on an Irish person?  What would happen if an Irish person was killed by a British Armed Police officer?  All this based on a supposed survey which showed 81% in favour and only 19% against a State Visit.  It is clear that these inappropriate visits and their related security issues have now caused government panic and the decision-making is spiralling out of control.  Just cancel the State Visit this weekend and solve everything.

This is what happens when politicians become obsessed with self-glorification and in that process give up the sovereignty of their nation.  God Save Ireland.

As the State Visit of Elizabeth Windsor draws even closer there is ever greater concerns about security.  This concern does not match the 'spin' put out by the Irish Government.  According to their own survey 81% of the Irish people agree with the visit and only 19% disagree which adds up to exactly 100%.  Which frankly is the NAUTICAL LOG view of this visit 100% against it, but that was easy we are only one person!!  Now did one ever see a survey that had an exactly 100% result.  Surveys have a pro % anti % an undecided % and there is always a plus & minus error usually 3% or 4%.  So when one sees this 100% it is an indication of false figures and 'spin'.  The truth is that according to Irish Government own statements and reports from Irish newspapers the situation is spinning out of control.  We quote below from two Irish newspapers "The Independent" and "The Irish Times"  which can both be read online.

The headline this morning was "Public banned from streets outside all Queen's visit sites".  The decision underlines the view of senior Gardaí (Irish police) that the Queen's visit represents a great security risk.  Onlookers will not therefore be accommodated at any of the locations the Queen visits in Dublin, Kildare, Tipperary and Cork according to the Garda.  To quote one security person;

"It would be great if we could have her meet crowds, but you would nearly have to strip search people in the crowd she'd be meeting so it just isn't possible". 

This does not sound like a comment from Irish law enforcement but rather RUC/PSNI or MI5 and you will of course remember that supposedly 81% of the populace was in favour of this visit!  Gardaí are hopeful the absence of a clear focal point for protesters will reduce the risk of any major protest descending into rioting.  Is that by just that 19% they talked about?

The first possible public order issue may start tomorrow Sunday May 15, 2011 when the republican socialist group Eirígí which has called for a peoples freedom camp in the Garden of Rememberance will be established.  Their plan is to maintain the camp on a 24-hour basis until Tuesday afternoon and prevent Elizabeth Windsor from laying a wreath there.  This would appear to NAUTICAL LOG as a clear focal point for major protest.

Oglaigh na h-Eireann
Quoting from "The Independent" a ring of steel to protect Elizabeth Windsor involves all An Oglaigh na h-Eireann of which some 2,000 troops are directly involved.  A further 8,000 police are active with An Garda Siochana being the lead agency.  This would seem to indicate that other law enforcement agencies are involved however Ireland has only a national police service - is it possible British police are now active again in the Republic of Ireland?

Army, Air Corps and Naval Service will carry out security tasks with the Army Ranger Wing/Sciathán Fianóglach an Airm snipers and surveillance specialists also involved, Army Engineers wil conduct sweeps of all sites to be visited during the four day Sate Visit.  The Naval Service will protect the estuaries and waterways around Dublin and Cork.  An ISTAR company will operate in specialised armoured vehicles.  All this to secure against those 19% against the visit - not that it would appear the other 81% are really trusted either.

In this series against the State Visit NAUTICAL LOG suggested that the Irish people ignore this State Visit and turn it into a non-event but thankfully the Irish Goverment has done that itself with its ring of steel against the Irish peopleand closed Irish streets to Irish people.  One suspects this in turn will build resentment and wake up the apethetic Irish populace to what is being done in their country.

In closing NAUTICAL LOG would like to wish those Irish involved in this 'Ring of Steel' every blessing as we understand the most difficult position our Government has placed you in.  God save Ireland.

Good Watch.

Please remember the seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia - let us work with maritime interests and others to free them.

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