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HMS Astute alongside at Southampton Docks

 UPDATES:  As always seems to happen in these incidents, since the Media nowadays rushes to be 'first-with-the-news', the updated story is somewhat different from the original this morning.  It now appears that the shooting did take place on board HMS Astute and NOT on the pier ashore as first reported; also the weapon was NOT a 9mm pistol but an SA80 assault rifle.  The Rating had just been issued the SA80 for his sentry duty to relieve the Watch.  An argument broke out in the Control Room which resulted in his opening fire killing the Weapons Engineering Officer LT.CMDR. Ian Moyneaux RN and seriously wounding another Rating.  The Rating was restrained, disarmed, detained and taken into custody by the Hampshire Constabulary which is the local police service for the Port of Southampton, Hampshire. 

No doubt there will be further corrections to the story as it progresses. 

Able Seaman Ryan Donovan RN
Indeed there is, it is now reported by 'The Mirror' a more dramatic newspaper than 'The Telegraph', that the wounded crewmember was also an Officer namely LT.CMDR. Chris Hodges RN.  The shooter is now named as Able Seaman Ryan Donovan RN (22) who is seen above.  On a personal note having commanded 500 multi-gender, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, crewmembers and in fairness to this young man he appears very tired and under great personal stress.  NAUTICAL LOG therefore does not believe he should have been selected for sentry duty, which resulted in his being armed with an SA80 assault rifle.  It is the duty of his Division Officer to assess the suitability of personnel for their duties most particularly for sentry duty.  No doubt the Investigation will sort it all out.

Cut away view of RN Astute Class submarine

Police and Harbour launches alongside
Police vans and Armed Police controlling the Pier entrance

There has been an extraordinary tragic incident aboard HMS Astute a nuclear-powered submarine while berthed at Southampton, Hampshire, England according to 'The Telegraph'.   A Rating shot two fellow crewmembers this morning during a visit by the City Council Leader, City Mayor and City Chief Executive.   Tragically one of the crewmembers, who is a Royal Navy Officer, is dead and the other seriously wounded.  The Royal Navy has stated that the incident is not terrorist related and there is no Public danger.

The Hampshire Constabulary have arrested the Rating and he is now in their custody, both a Constabulary and Royal Navy Investigations are getting underway.  The City 'fathers' are quite safe and by now will have left the vessel. 

HMS Astute at Southampton Docks this morning
 NAUTICAL LOG cannot recall such an incident in a Royal Navy vessel in recent times and is somewhat surprised that weapons were readily available.  However later reports indicate that the shooting took place ashore on the pier following an altercation between the armed sentrys at the change of the Watch. The Rating shot the Officer dead and seriously wounded a fellow Rating with his 9mm pistol before being restrained.

Good Watch.

Please remember the seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia - let us work with India to free them.


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