Monday, March 28, 2011


INS Suvarna

ICGS Sangram

Indian Coast Guard ensign
Indian Naval ensign

Once again the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard have combined to prevent a pirate attack and capture the pirates. It seems, supported by an Indian Government policy to seriously act against piracy, their maritime forces are highly effective. Should the European Governments finally get their collective act together it is quite possible their maritime forces could be equally effective. Also they can always get up to speed with training from the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard - now there's a switch.

Under attack by Somali pirates the MS Maersk Kensington transmitted a distress signal. Responding vessels were INS Suvarna and ICG Sangram.   On the near approach of the Indian Coast Guard vessel the pirates opened fire. As a result the pirate mothership, an Iranian trawler (Morteza?), came under return fire and a three hour gun battle ensued in the Arabian Sea. During the battle the pirate mothership caught fire and the pirates were captured also 16 hostages, 12 Iranians and 4 Pakistanis were freed. All were taken to Mumbai and the pirates turned over to the Mumbai Police for prosecution. The hostages will have to establish their credentials and will then be turned over to their Embassy officials.

Now if the Indian Government can do all this, how come we get that load of absolute drivel from the British spoksperson that we reported on previously. The Indian maritime forces have captured 120 pirates mostly from Somalia and none have been released. Both the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard are doing an outstanding job and deserve the recognition and thanks of all seafarers - well done.

Good Watch.

Please remember the seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia - lets work with India to free them.

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