Friday, March 25, 2011


Once again it is Friday and once again comes a Report from our European correspondent about piracy. The Asian Shippers Council (ASC) is concerned about the continuation of piracy with little or nothing being done about the problem. The ASC now believes that the Somalian pirates are being encouraged and supplied by al-Qaeda agents operating in the area.

Many navies have found it difficult to prosecute captured pirates and unless called to assist tend to keep a low profile, the clear exception being the Indian Navy and Coastguard. NATO navies have captured and then released some 700 pirates in six months of 2010. The ASC suggests treating the pirates as terrorists and solving the legal situation.

It seems nobody thought to at least exchange these pirates for the 800 seafarers captive off Somalia. The current figure is 28 vessels and 587 hostages are still detained off Somalia.

Good Watch.

Please remember these seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia - let us work for their freedom.

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