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Queen's Wharf Wellington, NZ

Ms. Genevieve Howard

One thing that the Sea Shepherd cult leader 'Wats-his-name' really does well is propaganda. He is truly a master con artist. During the time this year in The Southern Ocean he dashed around burning up fuel in a pointless manner - why. Well it turns out that very likely he had planned it all very carefully indeed.

Not having found the factory ship MS Nisshin Maru or accomplished anything worthwhile he turns the action, or inaction depending on ones point-of-view, over to his cult underlings. Then he heads off to Wellington, NZ to resupply and refuel. Of course on the first visit to Wellington, NZ he no doubt made all the necessary arrangements with his latest crop of tame politicians, these in New Zealand, having worn the Australian ones out a bit.

Now berthed at Queen's Wharf according to CentrePort, the Wellington Harbour Authority (WHA) they plan to spent four days stocking up on supplies and, if they can raise the money, refuel. NAUTICAL LOG received some 'notes' published in New Zealand which explain what he is up too. He timed his visit to coincide with the 'Velux 5 Ocean' International yacht race which is currently visiting yes - Wellington, NZ. Over this weekend the MS Steve Irwin was open to the public and she is described in the notes as a "massive, black hulk of a ship". Those of us who know her only too well are, like NAUTICAL LOG, highly amused at this overblown description, most probably by a SSCS cult member, since the vessel is a mere 59 metres or 163.5 feet in length.

On Sunday February 06, 2011 the SSCS crew were showing the public around the vessel, hustling donations and begging for food such as fruit, vegetables, tofu, soy milk and vegan chocolate. You know it is really hard to believe that 'Wats-his-name' lives on this stuff because he does not appear to be a good advertisement for the vegan diet. Apparently the visitor numbers were increased by the people attracted to the 'Velux 5 Oceans' so once again 'Wats-his-name' cashed in.

According to CentrePort WHA the MS Steve Irwin will depart on - well that is a bit open - it could be Tuesday February 08, 2011, or Wednesday February 09, 2011 or when the money for 240 tons of marine diesel fuel (MDO) has been acquired. No doubt you remember the crew were expected to raise and contribute to the cost of resupply and refuelling. Great ship to be a crewmember in - No Food No Eat, No Fuel No Go - even the Somali pirates can do better than this mob.

NAUTICAL LOG understands the 'notes' came from a Ms. Genevieve Howard a freelance journalist based in Wellington, NZ.

Good Watch.


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