Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just watching the volatile stock market 1000 point leap and the Greek riots all on FOX via split screen HD. Wonder where the MS Steve Irwin is now, since she does not track on AIS. From New York to the Mediterranean entrance is about nine or ten days depending on what speed she is making. This would put her nearly halfway and no doubt they are thinking about what is facing them in negative reaction. Getting a bit tense on board NAUTICAL LOG thinks maybe even some lack of resolve amongst part of the crew. Some second thoughts have set in such as "gee I could have been down in Louisiana making good money hauling boom being a real conservationist - well sort of anyway - but getting paid".

Well the Greeks certainly can be quite worked up with "when in danger or in doubt run in circles scream and shout" an old seafarers saying. In the troubled European Union socialism is backfiring with a vengeance and Italy, Spain and Portugal could well be next. Oh! wait a minute isn't that were the SS-PG are heading to prevent the fishermen exercising their fishing skills and right to earn money to support their government's socialist programmes and families under their European Union laws. Somehow with life being as difficult as it is in these countries at present NAUTICAL LOG would suggest extreme caution in messing about with fishermen. As has been shown in Greece not much patience is being exercised out there and phony conservationists may expect none at all.

Good Watch.

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