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UPDATE: February 26, 2010

The SS-PG are now in full retreat having lost out in tactics with the Japanese Whaling Fleet. In spite of boldly stating just earlier this week that they had fuel to remain with the fleet until the end of the season.

The MS Steve Irwin is already bound for Hobart Tasmania and 'Wats-his-name' announces today that the no Flag State vessel MS Bob Barker also has fuel problems and is joining them bound for Hobart. This year has been an unmitigated disaster for the Sea Shepherd Pirate Group with an unaccomplished mission, as the Japanese are now free to hunt at will, useless tactics, a prisoner taken and bound for the Japanese Maritime Court. However as yet both the SS-PG vessels are not safe in their Australian Sanctuary so the drama may not be over.

UPDATE: February 25, 2010

Received six (6) fascinating and long comments this morning, all clearly from Sea Shepherd supporters, tracked from an address in Hayward California but it had bounced around so who knows or cares really. Unfortunately they did not have the courage to sign their opinions so we could not publish them. Pity really because they raised some excellent points to debate even if their history and logic is a little confused. Please try again with your signature - do not be afraid. If you read the header it explains the NAUTICAL LOG policy regarding comment publication. So greetings from "The Old Fool" the Old is true, the Fool debatable and have a great day !!

The SS-PG Press Release this morning states that the MS Steve Irwin is planning to refuel in Hobart Tasmania and then prepare to go to the Mediterranean to prevent further Bluefin tuna fishing by European and North African fisherman. Now THAT will really be something to watch. Of course first of all they have to get there and probably not by the Suez Canal. Should be an interesting voyage if and when it ever occurs.

It is getting really hard to follow the SS-PG Press Releases that come into NAUTICAL LOG each time they are published. The latest is today, a classic but lets begin at the beginning. From yesterday February 23, 2010 a quote from the confused 'Wats-his-name' rant stated "African poachers are jailed or shot. Japanese poachers do whatever they like". They pretty much do indeed and so do the Sea Shepherd Pirate Group thanks to the wimpy maritime authorities with the laudable exception of the West African nation of Togo.

Apparently as a result of remarks attributed to a Mr. Ady Gil the impression has gone out that SS-PG have firearms. Well 'Wats-his-name' did mention shooting poachers in yesterdays Press Release so he has only himself to blame. That of course is never his style, he is the romantic sea pirate 'robin hood' type, its the other fellow that causes all the troubles. Also there are the lethal hunting arrows found floating after the ramming and sinking of the DFC Ady Gil. Now Mr. Ady Gil is a Hollywood type who seems to largely live in a left-wing world or one that is of his own making. He is the one who put up the money for the purchase of the strange craft that lost the ramming match with the MS "Shonan Maru #2". As a result of further (stupidity) - inappropriate behaviour - her operator a Mr. Peter Bethune of New Zealand is detained aboard the winner and bound for Japanese Maritime Court. Now in spite of the generosity of Mr. Ady Gil 'Wats-his-name' as turned against him and blames the gentleman for all this shooting talk - it wasn't me. Once again an example of he 'Wats-his-name' being unable to keep his house in order. One wonders what will happen with Mr. Bob Barker of TV fame now that his named for ship MS Bob Barker is a stateless vessel loose on the worlds oceans.

In the main paragraph of this mornings SS-PG Press Release bumpf 'Wats-his-name' states, and we quote "but we have never and will never, injure a human being". Of course this is not entirely true as those who watched "Whale Wars" will recall several crewmembers of MS Steve Irwin getting severely hurt, smashed faces, concussions, crushed hands and one in grave danger of being paralysed from the waist down. While 'Wats-his-name' screamed and complained from the safety of the Bridge before storming off to his cabin. Then there are the Japanese crewmembers of the whaling fleet bombarded with acid and lately lasers which can cause eye damage and yes in return they have used sonic devices which are dangerous. How about all the incidents of ramming between these vessels over the years which certainly must have caused injuries. So do not tell the world that you have never injured a human being.

Good Watch.


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