Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The silly season has started with playing for the cameras it seems. A report from the MS "Steve Irwin" indicates that she and the Japanese tracking ship MS "Shonan Maru #2", that has followed them from departure Fremantle, exchanged cannon fire - well water cannons anyway. Still it's something for the cameras and from the Japanese perspective they are encouraging the MS "Steve Irwin" to burn up fuel. By having them burn up fuel by the time they arrive at the whaling fleet they will be at short stay and have to return - somewhere - to fuel. Some great photos as they play 'ring-a-rosys' around the ice.

Meanwhile the Japanese can refuel from their factory ship and keep catching whales. Last year the fleet actually killed and captured whales right in front of the MS "Steve Irwin" and they could do nothing about it. Interestingly the ship identified as the MS "Shonan Maru #2" is now grey whereas before she was painted white, as mentioned in the previous report. Could it be that two Japanese ships are tracking the MS "Steve Irwin".

Good Watch
The second comment by "MIKE" has raised our suspicions at NAUTICAL LOG as a piece of 'disinformation'. It has not been the practice of the MS "Steve Irwin" to use dangerous weapons such as lasers. In the interest of fair and balanced posting we would urge caution in dealing with this comment. If we find it is incorrect we shall not publish further comments from "MIKE" in fairness to all parties concerned.
Good Watch.

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