Thursday, December 3, 2009


This very useful map was published in the "OLD SALT BLOG" this morning and NAUTICAL LOG is reproducing it here. Experienced seafarers, ship owners and managers refer to data like this when Passage Planning. They must balance cargo shipping revenues against the dangers of the sea, Port difficulties and most definitely include 'pirates'.

So it is with wonderment, as the father, grandfather and uncle of both male and female mariners, that parents would even consider letting children make world voyages single-handed.

NAUTICAL LOG reads of the parents of 16 year old children, for that is what they are being under 18 or 21 depending on a country's laws, encouraged to set off alone in small boats. Once again there have been a series of hijackings by pirates of vessels and yachts. Whether these 'pirates' are West Africans, Somalis or the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they are nautical thugs, people to avoid and must be regarded when Passage Planning. They are most certainly not for 16 year old children to deal with alone.

Good Watch.

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