Thursday, August 13, 2009


VERY PISTOL Pistol for launching coloured flares as a signal device.

WAIST The midship section of a ship between bow and stern.

WARDROOM The officers common room in a Naval vessel and also used in some Merchant ships.

WATCH The period of time on duty aboard ship.

WILLIAMSON TURN A formal manoeuvre to turn a ship 180 degrees rapidly and return to the same point on the course. Used to recover persons overboard.

WORKAWAY A person who works his way on board a ship for a free passage. He is not a crewmember but gets a berth and food. Rare in British Merchant Navy but fairly common in Scandinavian ships. I came from the West Coast of Canada to the Netherlands on a Norwegian ship one time.

ZENITH The highest point of a celestial bodies transit. It is the point at which we measure, with the sextant, the Sun to obtain the Latitude.

Hope you enjoyed these nautical words.

Good Watch.

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