Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is the new format of the 'passport' type and sized U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential. This is a Federal issued Document which U.S. Federal Licensed Pilots will have to carry. No doubt the State Licensed Pilots and Berthing Masters will have to carry a similar State issued Document.

Now in view of the MS "Cosco Busan" incident and the subsequent United States NTSB Report it may be a good practice for Pilots and Berthing Masters to present this Credential to Masters on boarding. Masters can then visually inspect and record the Credential details of Pilots and Berthing Masters into their Bridge Log. Thus regardless of any communication difficulties, expressed then or later, Masters will have a complete record in the Bridge Log. The documentation is compact and convenient to carry in a pocket or 'pilots bag'. Already the Port Authorities have the vessel's crewlist and details for several days prior to the vessels arrival in a United States port.

As we have seen in the previous Post it is extremely important for full, clear, complete and accurate information to be exchanged between Masters, Pilots and Berthing Masters for 'Navigation under Pilotage'.

If you would like to learn about the work of Pilots visit the Biscayne Bay Pilots website. There are great photos showing them boarding ships and navigating them at the Port of Miami, FL. Also the Puget Sound Pilots website has information about their extensive pilotage area. Both these can be found in the Link List below.

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