Monday, February 16, 2009


From 1959 to 1961 I sailed for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand (USSCo.). Our voyages took us on occasion across the Tasman Sea to Australia, and Tasmania also up to the Pacific Islands of Tonga, Western Samoa and Fiji. My first ship was the "ferry" from Wellington to Picton TSS "Tamahine". It was a daily one way trip across the Cook Strait which separates the North Island from the South Island of New Zealand. In TSS "Tamahine" it took about five hours and with each night in port it was more a pleasure cruise than working for a living. I am sure many Kiwi's of my generation have made this trip. I hope you have as many enjoyable memories of this beautiful little ship as I do. We used to arrive at Picton Wharf at 1805 (6:05 pm) do you know why? Answer by sending us a comment.

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