Sunday, September 8, 2013



Just maybe having watched the sailing races in San Francisco Bay this weekend.  NAUTICAL LOG understands these speed machines are the AC72 Class.  It was extremely exciting and a display, though specialized, of superb seamanship in sailing.

Having been critical in the past and while NAUTICAL LOG is not entirely convinced that these are the yachts that should be racing for a trophy as traditional as the America Cup.   Perhaps more properly they deserve a unique trophy of their own. 

Still at the time of the original series those yachts were the epitome of the latest design and technology of the 19th. Century.  The AC72 is the epitome of the 21st. Century design and technology.  So perhaps after all the America Cup is the correct award for the series.

We shall be watching the continuation of the series from San Francisco Bay with great interest.

Good Watch.

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