Monday, June 28, 2010


Photo of Subject
UPDATE: According to data from INTERPOL a RED NOTICE is not an International Arrest warrant, so one has to wonder just what a BLUE NOTICE is. Perhaps this explains how 'Wats-his-name' can thumb his nose at everyone and travel around the world untouched. This is really weird and seems a quite valueless procedure.
It has been announced by the Government of Japan that PAUL FRANKLIN WATSON of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been placed on the INTERPOL WANTED LIST. This means that any law enforcement agency may report him to INTERPOL for transportation to Japan. The operator of the sunken SS-PG vessel Ady Gil, New Zealand citizen Peter Bethune, has been tried for illegal boarding at sea which is an act of piracy and is due for sentencing in early July 2010.

UPDATE: Interpol it appears has two Notice levels, a BLUE Notice is for location of the subject. A RED Notice upgrades to arrest of the subject by any law enforcement agency. We are informed by INTERPOL that there are a total of six (6) notices levels they are: RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, BLACK, and ORANGE.

Good Watch.

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