Sunday, January 5, 2014


This was logged-in as a "Fully attended Session"
NAUTICAL LOG received some interesting photographs from the European Union Parliament this weekend.  Every five years the Europeans of its 28 Member Nations vote to elect their Members of European Parliament (MEP) 2014 is a voting year.  There are currently 754 Members which for some reason NAUTICAL LOG does not understand is trying to be reduced to 751 Members.

Now the current United States Administration is liberal generally left-of-center so are admirers of the EU.  They have already managed in European fashion to impose upon us all here in America an Affordable Health Care System - "Obamacare".   Folks it is not affordable, when its website opened it was so full of faults even the creators had trouble getting coverage.  Another great purpose of the EU is to achieve Social Equality of course our current Administration is just ecstatic about that one also .  Now the Administration has a "National Maritime Domain Plan" so god knows what that will do to seafarers.  All this has been done in the European Union already so all the current U.S. Administration is doing is copying items passed by the MEP's.

Now with such momentously important tasks one might think the best and brightest are at this European Union Parliament - maybe they are just exhausted from all those decision-making tasks. 

By the by NAUTICAL LOG understands the salary for these persons relaxing below is €12,000.00 per month, €144,00.00 per annum plus various allowances for residence, travel and social interaction.


What a most impressive group of people whom the current U.S. Administration uses as its example.
Good Watch.


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