Thursday, September 19, 2013


Not that NAUTICAL LOG makes any particular effort these days to follow either Greenpeace or Sea Shepherds - we do not hear anything of Sea Shepherds are they still around - however Greenpeace did get themselves in the news or at least in the gCaptain blog.

It seems that some of them attacked an oil rig in the Russian Arctic and found themselves restrained by the Russian Coastguard.  Quite vigorously restrained actually with shots fired or so it is reported.  Of course they really only have themselves to blame as they invaded a Sovereign Nation and its national equipment.  To attack anything Russian is going to bring down some very heavy reaction as they enforce Russian Law on persons interfering with their national operations. 

Whether other international groups such as Greenpeace do not agree with oil drilling operations in the Russian Arctic does not give them any right whatsoever to attack an oil rig in Russian sovereign territory.  These actions actually achieve nothing whatsoever and just cause further resentment in Russia towards what they consider 'American' groups.

It is rather pointless after incidents like this to expect the Russians to sit down at a conference table to discuss these and other issues from a diplomatic approach.  Recently the United States has drawn "red lines" over another nations actions in the Middle East and the senior U.S. "diplomat" has referred to the President of the nation involved as "a thug" .  Then continuing under the complete lack of leadership of his own President the same "diplomat" ended up sitting down with the Russian Foreign Minister and just saying "yes sir" to that Diplomats proposal to find an approach leading to the cessation of chemical warfare.  The Russian Tsar must be quite pleased with the result achieved.

Due to some unknown U.S. foreign policy that nation is now in the position of not just being taken not very seriously worldwide but is an international joke.  So how on earth do these so-called environmental groups think that their efforts will be regarded other than as "terrorist" acts.

Good Watch.

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